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13 Things We’re Excited About for 2013: #5

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In the lead up to Opening Day at Nationals Park on April 1, we’re counting down 13 things we’re excited about on and off the field heading into the 2013 season. Be sure to check back each day as we add another item to the list and get one day closer to the return of baseball to Washington!

#5: The Ultimate Ballpark Access

New for 2013, we’re revolutionizing the fan experience at Nationals Park with The Ultimate Ballpark Access. It’s the next generation of ticketing, and it’s exclusively for Nationals fans.

TUBALike anything new and different it will take a little while to get used to, but once you start reaping the benefits we’re sure you’ll be thrilled.

Simply put: in 2013, your card is your ticket. No more worrying about keeping track of paper tickets for every game, for six months or more. Everything is reduced to a single card that fits neatly in your wallet.

By moving your entire Season Plan online, we’ve allowed you to add partners to your plan and share seats via email with just a click. Want to trade in your seats for another game ahead of time? Easy, just use the Future Exchange Program. Miss a game without having a chance to exchange your seats? Turn them in this year and you’ll receive Red Carpet Rewards Points, which you can use to bid on special experiences, autographed items and merchandise, using the new auction feature.

And yes, as many of you have asked, you can still have commemorative tickets printed at the advanced ticket sales window, should you so desire, for only a $3 fee. All proceeds will go directly to the Washington Nationals Dream Foundation.

Still have questions? Hopefully this will help. And as the crowds continue to grow at Nationals Park, hopefully you will continue to reap the rewards.