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13 Things We’re Excited About for 2013: #7

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In the lead up to Opening Day at Nationals Park on April 1, we’re counting down 13 things we’re excited about on and off the field heading into the 2013 season. Be sure to check back each day as we add another item to the list and get one day closer to the return of baseball to Washington!

#7: More Season Plan Holders

With the success of the team on the field last season, it should be no surprise that the Nationals Season Plan Holder base continues to grow. And just as the franchise develops into a perennial contender, our fans are becoming louder, more passionate and more informed about their favorite club. From the front office, it’s a pleasure to watch the two transformations happen simultaneously, feeding off one another.

When fans attend the games together, it fosters a sense of community. A mutual shared interest becomes something greater, something that crosses racial, political, or economic boundaries to bring a region together. And as the season grows longer and more tense, the games ever more important, it is the moments spent together with your friends and neighbors in the cool spring nights and the summer heat that make the impending autumn so much more meaningful.

Regardless of whether you’ve been with the team since they opened RFK with the return of baseball to The District in 2005 or are brand new to the family this year, there is one thing we can all agree on: there has never been a better time to be a Nationals Season Plan Holder. If you are still on the fence, remember that the only way to get tickets to sold-out Opening Day is to purchase a Full or Half Season Plan. And also remember that you’ve only got until March 31 to get your 2013 plan at 2012 prices.

The season is almost upon us. We can’t wait.