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Capture the Caption: Magazine 1

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Flex your creative muscles and come up with a caption for the series of photos below from Nationals Magazine, Issue 1 featuring Tyler Moore and Jordan Zimmermann. Leave your response in the comments and we’ll feature our favorites in print in Issue 2, available at Nationals Park beginning in June!

Capture the Caption 1 (1)

Highlights: 4.12.13

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4.12.13 – Braves 6, Nationals 4 (10 innings)

Stat of the Game: Ross Detwiler delivered another stellar outing, not allowing his first earned run of the season until there were two outs in the seventh inning, a string of 12.2 innings overall to begin the season.

Under-the-Radar Performance: After swiping just one bag in the season’s first nine game, The Nationals stole four times without getting caught Friday night, with four different players – Ian Desmond, Byrce Harper, Denard Span and Jayson Werth – each notching a steal.

It Was Over When: Ramiro Pena’s two-run home run cleared the wall in right field to put Atlanta ahead in the top of the 10th inning.

Highlights: 4.10.13

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4.10.13 – Nationals 5, White Sox 2

Stat of the Game: Ian Desmond continued to hit the ball hard, driving two doubles and a triple to account for three of Washington’s five extra-base hits on the night.

Under-the-Radar Performance: Jordan Zimmermann quieted the White Sox bats, allowing two runs over 7.0 innings of work to earn his second victory in as many starts.

It Was Over When: After the White Sox closed the gap to one in the top of the sixth, Washington got RBI knocks from Danny Espinosa and Denard Span to provide the final margin. Chicago would not see the tying run reach the batter’s box the rest of the game.

Highlights: 4.6.13

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4.6.13 – Nationals 7, Reds 5 (11 innings)

Stat of the Game: The Nationals belted five home runs, including two by Wilson Ramos, more than doubling their season total to date (from four to nine).

Under-the-Radar Performance: Ross Detwiler did not factor in the decision, but he quieted the Cincinnati bats to the tune of just a single unearned run over six strong innings of work.

It Was Over When: Ian Desmond and Ramos each homered in the top of the 11th, and Craig Stammen set down Jay Bruce swinging in the bottom half to strand the tying run at second base.

Highlights: 4.4.13

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4.4.13 – Nationals 6, Marlins 1

Stat of the Game: Ryan Zimmerman was 3-for-3 with a walk, a double and two RBI, and has now reached base safely in his last six plate appearances dating back to the sixth inning of Wednesday night’s game.

Under-the-Radar Performance: Jordan Zimmermann scattered eight hits over six innings of work to earn the third win in as many games for Nationals starting pitchers.

It Was Over When: Jayson Werth broke open a 3-1 game with a monstrous, 434-foot, three-run blast over the visiting bullpen in left-center field in the bottom of the seventh to provide the final scoring margin.

13 Things We’re Excited About for 2013: #2

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In the lead up to Opening Day at Nationals Park on April 1, we’re counting down 13 things we’re excited about on and off the field heading into the 2013 season. Be sure to check back each day as we add another item to the list and get one day closer to the return of baseball to Washington!

#2: Nationals Publications Go Digital

At the Nationals Park offices in Southeast D.C., we’re always looking for ways to deliver new experiences and cutting-edge technology to you, our loyal fans. That mindset has led to the creation of our popular Red Carpet Rewards program and has evolved into The Ultimate Ballpark Access platform – the next generation of ticketing we described on these pages last Wednesday.

TOC IP 1Today, we’re announcing an additional concept for the 2013 season: a new digital component for Nationals Magazine and Inside Pitch.

For those of you who choose to enjoy our publications in the traditional way – picking up copies at the ballpark, flipping through the pages at your seat and setting them on your coffee table at home after the game – you’ll still find our feature stories, photographs, stats and much more. But for those fans who want to get additional, interactive content directly on your smart phone, mobile device or computer, we’re here to deliver.

If you want to watch a clip from Bryce Harper’s on-camera interview to supplement the written article on your page, you can. If you want to see a full gallery of photos to complement the photo on your page, you can. Or if you want to watch the highlights from the previous Nationals game, you can do that as well.

Viewing that content is simple. Throughout each publication, you’ll find digital content boxes that allow you to VISIT (an internet link) TEXT (a shortcode) or SCAN (a quick response or “QR” barcode). For example, will send you to Nationals Magazine content. For the text message shortcodes, text the code listed to 91347. To view a QR code, scan it using an app on your mobile device. There are plenty of free QR apps available in your app store of choice.

So, welcome to the 2013 season and the latest evolution of the official publications of your Washington Nationals. We hope you’ll share your feedback – positive, negative or otherwise – in the comments below or by sending us an email at


Bryce Harper: What’s Next?

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The video below is a supplemental bonus feature for the cover article Bryce Harper: What’s Next?, from Issue 1 of the 2013 Nationals Magazine. Beginning this season, we will provide links, text shortcodes and QR codes to digital features like this one throughout Nationals Magazine and Inside Pitch.

Detwiler, Stammen: Tour of Duty

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Earlier this offseason, General Martin Dempsey – Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff – invited Nationals pitchers Ross Detwiler and Craig Stammen on the annual USO holiday tour. While abroad, Detwiler and Stammen sent us daily journal entries detailing the events of their trip.

The video below is bonus content for the full story, which can be found in Issue 1 of the Nationals Magazine. Beginning this season, we will provide links, text shortcodes and QR codes to digital features like this throughout Nationals Magazine and Inside Pitch.

A WAR Accord

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The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.­ – Robert Burns

Back in late January, as we planned out the feature articles that would appear in Issue 1 of Nationals Magazine (pick up a copy at the ballpark today!) this season, we decided to tackle a baseball statistic that had become one of the game’s biggest contentions: Wins Above Replacement, or WAR. No sooner did we pen the article than outlets across the sport posted similar pieces, outlining many of the same arguments as us. Still, we included a unique angle in our analysis, comparing the net change in WAR of the Nationals and Braves entering 2013, taking into account the three most high-profile replacements on each team during the offseason.

But then two more developments hit us over the past week.

First, our computations for the third and final section of the article, the one that compared the NL East rivals’ offseason moves, included only offensive totals for each team. As a result, our team totals were off. The second revelation, however, rendered that first one obsolete. FanGraphs and Baseball Reference, the two sites who kept different versions of the WAR statistic, joined together to come to terms on a redefined level of “replacement player,” thereby ripping up all of our hard-worked math and throwing it out the window anyway.

But hey, that’s just another reason why we’ve gone digital with our publications this year. Now we have a chance to update you with the new, correct numbers, which are an improved way of measuring the players anyway, now that there is a consistent baseline from which to project. And in spite of the change, the numbers still illustrate the underlying point of our article – according to WAR, the Nationals got better through their offseason acquisitions. The Braves? Well, not so much.

So here are the new numbers, as simple as we can give them to you. The Nationals combined for a total WAR of 44.2 in 2012, while the Braves notched a slightly lower 42.4, numbers which played out closely on the field as Washington won the division by four games. Heading into 2013, both teams essentially swapped three major players out and three players in. The newly tabulated 2012 WAR values of those players is ascribed as follows:

Nationals                                Braves

Outgoing                                    Outgoing

Michael Morse (0.0)               Michael Bourn (6.1)

Edwin Jackson (2.2)               Martin Prado (5.6)

Sean Burnett (0.9)                   Chipper Jones (2.6)

Total = 3.1 WAR                       Total = 14.3 WAR

Incoming                                    Incoming

Denard Span (3.6)                     B.J. Upton (3.1)

Dan Haren (1.8)                        Justin Upton (2.0)

Rafael Soriano (1.2)                 Chris Johnson (1.3)

Total = 6.6 WAR                        Total = 6.4 WAR

Net = +3.5 WAR                     Net = -7.9 WAR

Essentially, while the Nationals added an expected 3.5 wins (not to mention the fact that Dan Haren averaged 5.5 WAR per season in his previous four years, a good sign that he can improve on his 1.8 total of last season) the Braves actually LOST 7.9 expected wins. That’s a swing of 11.4 WAR between the two clubs, even higher than our original article’s combined total of 10.6.

So for all our troubles, the news turned out to be even better than we’d originally reported after all.

NatsFest Photo Gallery

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As we launch into the 2013 season, here are 13 more great photos from an unbelievable NatsFest back on January 26 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Beginning this year, we will provide links, text shortcodes and QR codes to digital features like this throughout Nationals Magazine and Inside Pitch.

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