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Weekly Review (4/16)

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Here at Curly W Live, we will be conducting a weekly review every Tuesday of all the storylines from the week that was. If you’re new to the site or have just been too busy to stay current with all the day-to-day storylines, this is your way to get caught up on everything going on with the team.

Despite continued production from Adam LaRoche in the cleanup spot, the Nationals dropped their series opener against the Mets by the same 4-3 margin as their finale against the Cubs to open the week, leaving them at 2-2 following their consecutive wins to open the 2012 season. However, a trip to the MLB Fan Cave seemed to lighten the mood, and the team responded behind dominant outings from both Ross Detwiler and Stephen Strasburg. In all, the pitching staff allowed just two runs combined in the final two games of the road trip as Washington earned its second series win in a row to start the season.

The Nationals celebrated consecutive, extra-inning, walk-off Curly W's to start the home season.

The team returned to Washington for the home opener on Thursday against Cincinnati and continued its winning ways, as face of the franchise Ryan Zimmerman scored the game-winning run in extra innings on a wild pitch. As impressive as Gio Gonzalez was on the mound in the victory, it was his first Major League hit that provided the afternoon’s most memorable moment. The Nationals made it two straight extra-inning, walk-off wins on Friday as Jayson Werth finally concluded the four-hour, four-minute affair with and RBI-single in the 13th frame. Edwin Jackson ran the Nats win streak to five with one of the best performances of his career, a bullpen-saving, 92-pitch masterpiece in which he surrendered just two hits and retired 22 of the final 23 batters he faced. Despite coming back from a five-run deficit to force extra innings on Sunday, the Nationals could not quite pull off a victory, settling for the 3-1 series win over the Reds following an 8-5, 11-inning defeat.

The 7-3 record marked the best 10-game start since the franchise relocated to Washington, and the four-game attendance of 129,034 on Opening Weekend was nearly 20,000 fans more than the first four home games in the park’s inaugural year in 2008. We celebrated by eating (all of the) new menu items available at the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk.

Mon @ NYM: L, 3-4

Tue @ NYM: W, 6-2

Wed @ NYM: W, 4-0

Thu vs. CIN: W, 3-2 (10)

Fri vs. CIN: W, 2-1 (13)

Sat vs. CIN: W, 4-1

Sun vs. CIN: L, 8-5 (11)

Weekly Record: 5-2

New Eats, Great Treats

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When baseball fans think of ballpark food, they usually expect hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jack. But food options have multiplied over the last couple of decades, and here in D.C., we’ve got some fantastic choices. When we heard that there were new food items available from Blue Smoke, El Verano Taquería and Box Frites at the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk for the 2012 season, we weren’t sure quite what to expect. Needless to say, we were impressed by both the variety and the quality of the new additions.

The folks from Union Square Events were nice enough to let us here at Curly W Live drop by and sample their new items on Friday, April 13. With the Nationals sporting the best ERA in baseball heading into play on Sunday, we thought some pitching analogies would be appropriate to help describe these new culinary delights.

The Fastball: Fried Chicken Sandwich

Comes With: Lettuce, Tomato & Buttermilk Ranch Sauce

Available At: Blue Smoke

For those looking for something different, and perhaps lighter, than the traditional red meat offerings at the ballpark, the fried chicken sandwich from Blue Smoke is a great option. For one, it is very lightly battered, so you’ll get plenty of actual chicken in your sandwich. The toppings provide a crisp, fresh balance, and the ranch is a nice touch. Moreover, the chicken is very juicy, not dry at all. Want to keep it simple and reliable? Here’s your dinner.

The Curveball: Buffalo Dog

Comes With: All-Beef Hot Dog, Potato Bun, Buffalo Blue Cheese Sauce, Pickled Carrot and Celery

Available At: Box Frites

We couldn’t have a sampling without a hot dog on the list, but the Buffalo Dog is unlike anything you’ve ever tried at a ballpark. Smothered in a buffalo blue cheese sauce with heaps of pickled carrots and celery, it explodes with bright, complex flavors. Oh, and you’re going to want to order it with a side of the Sweet Frites,  lightly salted sweet potato fries that come with a delectable dipping sauce.

The Changeup: Vegetarian Tacos

Comes With: Fire-Roasted Tomato salsa, Chopped Onions & Fresh Cilantro, Corn Tortillas

Available At: El Verano Taquería

Vegetables in a tortilla? At a baseball game? We’ll just call this the surprise of the tasting, and wow, were they good. The veggies have tons of flavor on their own, and the addition of the onions and cilantro only add to that. For those Nats fans who love their Mexican food, you will not be disappointed. This is a great veggie option for you non-meat eaters at the park. Of course, if you’re craving Mexican food and still want to appease your carnivorous cravings, there’s always…

The Slider: Barbacoa Quesadilla

Comes With: Lime Crema

Available At: El Verano Taquería

With a healthy serving of spiced, shredded beef, this is easily the most filling of the items we tasted, perfect for those with a big appetite. The beef is slow-cooked in chipotle and guajilo peppers, giving it quite a kick. The jack cheese, flour tortilla and lime crema provide a cool counterbalance contributing to a really tasty meal.

The Strikeout: Fried Pie

Comes With: Food Coma

Available At: Box Frites

If you survive this food gauntlet and still have room for dessert, you’ll find yourself safe at home with the Fried Pie from Box Frites. You can certainly split it between a couple friends, but you probably won’t want to. Served hot with all the apple-cinnamon goodness and caramel sauce you could hope for, it’s as American as baseball itself. There is also a mixed berry and apple offering, if you’re so inclined.

Dig in!