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Henry Rodriguez returns, Rick Ankiel’s arm and Lineups

The Nats reinstated right-handed pitcher Henry Rodriguez from the 15-Day Disabled List and placed right-handed pitcher Chad Gaudin on the 15-Day DL, retroactive to April 26, with right shoulder inflammation.

 Rodriguez missed 22 games after beginning the season on the DL, retroactive to March 22, with right shoulder inflammation. The 24-year-old posted a 0.73 ERA and .190 batting average against in nine games/one start during rehab assignments with  Triple-A Syracuse and Double-A Harrisburg. Rodriguez recorded 16 strikeouts and a 2.67/1 strikeout-to-walk ratio (16 K/6 BB) in 12.1 innings. Rodriguez is a flame thrower and went 1-0 with a 4.26 ERA in 32 career relief appearances with the Oakland A’s.

 In news that is less relevant but still fascinating: Last season, Adam Dunn often showed off his arm before the team stretched. It was a competition between a few teammates and the rules were simple. Who could throw the ball furthest up into the 400 level of the seating bowl? Dunn usually won. It was fun to watch and pretty impressive how far he could throw the ball but Rick Ankiel might have just passed him on the “how did he do that scale.” Of course, Rick is known for his arm—he was a former pitcher—but today during BP he nonchalantly picked up a ball on the right field foul line, roughly 100 feet from first base and threw the ball on a line about seven rows up into the red porch seats. With a little quick math, the ball traveled approximately 370 ft—give or take a few feet, probably take—but thank you Pythagorean Theorem. There was one player that noticed this and he started clapping. It pretty much went unseen and that might be the biggest tragedy.

 You will notice Wilson Ramos is in the lineup for the third straight game. This is the first time he has started three consecutive games this season—that’s the power of going 3-for-4 with two home runs and three RBI the night before.


Jose Reyes – SS

Justin Turner – 2B

David Wright – 3B

Carlos Beltran – RF

Jason Bay – LF

Ike Davis – 1B

Scott Hairston – CF

Mike Nickeas – C

R.A. Dickey – P


Danny Espinosa – 2B

Rick Ankiel – CF

Jayson Werth – RF

Adam LaRoche – 1B

Wilson Ramos – C

Michael Morse – LF

Jerry Hairston – 3B

Alex Cora – SS

Tom Gorzelanny – P

Day 11 in Viera: Lights, Camera…Photo Day!

Anxious. Anticipation. Cannot. Wait. For. Monday. Grapefruit. League. Opener.

Just two more workouts. Just two more bunt drills. Just two more PFPs (pitchers fielding practices). Just two more pitchers cover first base drills.

It will be darn nice to …

* Hear “play ball” instead of Bobby Henley yelling “rotate.”

* To see a foul ball fly into the stands and not into the net on a BP cage.

* To see a pitcher field a comebacker instead of it rattling off a protective “L” screen.

* To hear the rattle of cleats on dirt or concrete instead of running shoes on grass.

* To taste a ballpark hot dog instead of tuna fish from the clubhouse.

When was the last time on a Friday afternoon I was dreaming about Monday?  I am willing to bet that I am not the only Nationals fan doing so this afternoon.

Okay, now that I have waxed poetic about Monday, let’s fill you in about today’s festivities…

* Today was our annual Photo Day, which is everyone’s favorite day in/around baseball (sarcasm alert, this is NOT TRUE). 75 Nationals (60 players, 15 or so managers, coaches, instructors) took part. Along the way, they provided footage or photos to MASN, MLB, the Nationals (NatsHD), Baseball America, AP, Getty Images, The Washington Post, (, CBS Sports, Topps and one other baseball card company to be named later. MASN takes the honor for most pyrotechnics of any media outlet – OK, so they were the only ones with any pyrotechnics, but their smoke machine was met with a number of “ooh’s” and “aah’s” from the guys as they filmed their various segments.

 Every player spent about 30 minutes doing the annual circuit, which began at 7:20 a.m. and wrapped up at 9:31 a.m.

* Twitter pic of the day from Bill Gluvna @NationalsPR: people seemed to get a kick out of this shot. How tall is Ross Detwiler? When he is healthy, here is guessing the downward tilt on his slider is something fierce to contend with.

Here are a few more shots from Photo Day, but be sure to follow @NationalsPR and @Teddy26Nats for full coverage from the morning, and more around the clock coverage from Viera. 




* In Monday’s aforementioned Grapefruit League opener, Chad Gaudin gets the starting nod. From there, look for Brian Broderick, Adam Carr, Todd Coffey, Shairon Martis, Doug Slaten, Craig Stammen, Josh Wilkie and Tim Wood to pitch. On the position player side, look for Jesus Flores, Wilson Ramos, Ian Desmond, Danny Espinosa, Michael Morse and Nyjer Morgan to be on the bus to St. Lucie. You may be wondering about that youngster, what is his name? … Bryce Harper? Yes, he will also make the trip and Jim Riggleman said he hopes to get him an at-bat.

* I am not going to pontificate on this, but I will tell you that Stephen Strasburg is working VERY hard on his conditioning and strength while coming back from last season’s Tommy John surgery. He simply has to be in the best shape of his life.

* Word around camp today was that Yunesky Maya looked very good while throwing live BP. I also heard Maya speak a bit of English, as he told me “you’re welcome” after I thanked him for his participation in Photo Day. Hey, that’s progress. Also noticed that Josh Wilkie can speak (nearly) fluent Spanish, which is something that Latin players appreciate. I don’t know if Wilkie honed his Spanish skills during his winter ball stint in Venezuela, but I’m sure it didn’t hurt. Wilkie is an impressive well-rounded person.

* Very nice day in Viera today. Mostly sunny. Lots of beautiful clouds. Very windy, with gusts around 30 mph. But it was 80 or so and very comfortable.

We are going to cut today’s blog a tad short, but keep an eye on us this weekend. Special thanks to Mike Gazda and Bill Gluvna for their consistent contributions. Reminder, look for Mark Lerner to blog right here at Curly “W” Live starting on Mon., Feb. 28.

Day 8 in Viera: Position Players Join the Fray

Busiest day yet at Nationals camp as position players today
joined the fray.


* Have you ever wanted to work in baseball? If yes, let me
give you a bit of advice. If anyone ever offers you the job of coordinating a
Spring Training camp, say “no way” and run in the opposite direction. How tough
is that gig? I have heard the two toughest jobs in the game are being the
Rockies’ pitching coach before the advent of the baseball humidor and being a
Spring Training coordinator. That’s why today I would like to give kudos to
Bobby Henley, who doubles as our Minor League Field Coordinator. Henley is a
heck of a guy with a deep-rooted passion for the game of baseball and how it
should be played. If you or your place of business ever needs of motivator,
this is your guy. I have heard him speak to the young Instructional Leaguers
and by the time he was finished, I was ready to run through the wall and I am
just the PR guy. Henley has taken the unenviable task of plotting, planning and
orchestrating the movements from drill to drill. He has to enact the vision
that Jim Riggleman lays out for these two weeks leading into games. Henley does
it well and he is a pleasure to deal with. But remember, you do NOT want his


* Crazy but true fact of the week… this is Livan Hernandez’s
10th Spring Camp in Viera, Fla. Yes, 10! Here’s a list of the springs that
Hernandez spent in Viera and with what teams: Marlins (1996, ’97, ’98, ’99),
Expos (2003, ’04), Nationals (2005, ’06, ’10 and ’11). Is he eligible to run
for Mayor?


* With an abundance of young players trying to make their
mark and earn a coveted roster spot, one player that the next generation
Nationals can draw inspiration from is Chad Gaudin. Gaudin was drafted in June
2001 by Tampa Bay and debuted with the (then) Devil Rays just 26 months later.
What’s the big deal you ask? Well, Chad was a 34
th-round draft pick out
of Crescent High in Metairie, La. So, he debuted in the Big Leagues, as an
unheralded 34
th-rounder, at the age of 20. That
is a rare, rare story.


* Interesting fundamental drill of the day: 3B coach Bo
Porter is the Nationals’ primary outfield instructor. He had Jayson Werth,
Nyjer Morgan, Bryce Harper and others chasing long fly balls today while
carrying a football! I missed speaking to Porter after the workout, but I think
the drill’s objective is to keep an outfielder’s core as motionless as possible
while pursuing those long fly balls. Porter’s a fantastic instructor and a
great addition to Jim Riggleman’s staff. He definitely knows football too. He
was a two-sport (baseball, football) athlete at the University of Iowa, where
he was Hayden Fry’s starting cornerback in the 1992 Rose Bowl.


* Fans on hand today also spied the first live batting
practice of the spring. Yes, pitchers actually threw to hitters. Most hitters
do a bunch of watching, in fact, Jayson Werth indicated he may not have swung
at all. Conversely, Matt Stairs swung and went deep during his live BP.



* Book Club: Stanford
alum Drew Storen is currently reading “
Scorecasting,” which is written by University of Chicago financial economist Tobias Moskowitz
and Sports Illustrated writer L. Jon Wertheim. Together, they attempt to
unearth “the hidden forces that shape how basketball, baseball, football, and
hockey games are played, won and lost.” Sounds like an intriguing read.


* Let’s close with our “4 Questions” segment. Today’s victim
was pitcher Tom Gorzelanny:


Favorite Team/Player
as a Youth?:

White Sox, Ken Griffey Jr. (Huh? He played for the Cubs last year, wonder how
that little nugget was received in the Windy City

Favorite Game Show of all-time?: Wheel of Fortune (who doesn’t love

Favorite Superhero?: Batman (interesting answer from a pitcher, don’t you think?)

Most apt to watch CNN, Food Network or Travel Channel (and list favorite

None of the above. I am much more likely to be checking The History Channel and
looking for a show on the government (CIA, Secret Service, etc.) or war


* Again, I’d like to acknowledge the multiple contributions
of my PR confidants, Mike Gazda and Bill Gluvna. And as a reminder, we are
anxiously awaiting the return of Mark Lerner to the blogging airwaves. Look for
Mark to reemerge on Mon., Feb. 28.


We’ll be back tomorrow with more. Cannot wait.