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A Close Second, With Number Two

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The Racing Presidents are off and running again in the 2013 season, with new addition Bill joining the daily scamper from the center field wall to the home dugout at Nationals Park. However, there was another participant present at one of the first races of the young season, marking the race’s first venture into Vice Presidential territory.

COVER PHOTO_VEEPOver the weekend prior to the NationalsWhite Sox series, Teddy announced that the Racing Presidents would run their first relay race of the season since the field expanded to five. When George and Tom partnered up, then Abe and Bill formed their own pact, the lovable Teddy was left to his own devices to find a running mate. Searching online, he asked around for suggestions for #TeddysRunningMate, and offers flowed in from around the interwebs.

As luck would have it, Teddy found someone perfectly suited to run with – Selina Meyer, the fictional Vice President from HBO’s “VEEP.” The two were spotted around Washington in the days leading up to the race, and seemed primed for victory as Teddy stormed out to an early lead in the Tuesday night race.

But given Teddy’s less than illustrious history, combined with Selina’s propensity for finishing second, it should have come as little surprise that the two were unable to collaborate on a victory. They fumbled their baton exchange, leaving Selina with a ton of ground to make up in the race’s second half. And while she made a valiant effort, per the usual, she finished second.

That left Teddy – along with rival Bill – still winless for the 2013 campaign, as both continue to search for new and inventive ways to break the tape first…or at least ensure their counterpart’s defeat.


The Race to Rushmore

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The Presidents pose with Screech at Mt. Rushmore.

The Presidents pose with Screech at Mt. Rushmore.

Presidents Day has passed, the votes are in, and Teddy has scored another commanding victory, taking down his latest competitor – Bill – in the Twitter hashtag battle during Bill and Teddy’s Executive Adventure. However, despite commanding a better than two-to-one margin in the voting, Teddy could not overcome Bill at the actual finish line, as the two broke the tape simultaneously, resulting in a tie. Make sure to follow them both on Twitter @NatsBigChief27 and @Teddy26Nats as the rivalry heats up heading into the season.

After trading leads throughout, Bill and Teddy tied at the tape.

After trading leads throughout, Bill and Teddy tied at the tape.

After posing with the rest of the Racing Presidents in front of the famous monument, the entire group took in all that the Black Hills had to offer while they were in town. That included a stop in historic Deadwood, snowmobiling in the North Hills, meeting their newest fans in Rapid City Square, and a bison safari in Custer State Park. They will be paying visits to famous sites like Wall Drug and the Corn Palace as they begin their journey back to Nationals Park today.

Don’t forget, once the Racing Presidents return to Washington, tryouts for the 2013 season will take place on Saturday, March 2. And congratulations to @muffinkakes and @danieldupuis1, who scored personal visits this season from Bill and Teddy, respectively, for casting their votes.


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