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Notes from NatsTown hit the road to Atlanta

Notes from NatsTown hit the road on Sunday, taking you behind the scenes on the three game roadtrip to Atlanta. Following the series finale vs. Florida, it was an as-expected subdued post-game clubhouse. There was no music or light-hearted banter. A handful of players spoke to the assembled media, others hit the showers or grabbed a quick bite to eat. Some guys were checking football scores–if nothing else it was good to get their minds off of baseball. Otherwise, it was time to finish packing their luggage for the trip to Atlanta

Meanwhile, Clubhouse Manager Mike “Wally” Wallace and his staff was feverously racing around packing bags and crates, then loaded them onto moving trucks to be driven to the airport. For the players and staff, security actually happens at the ballpark. It’s not unlike what you’d expect at the airport with ID checks, metal detection wands, etc., but it’s just different being next to the bus outside the Nationals clubhouse.

All of the players and staff wear suits, or at least a sports coat. Team broadcasters also travels with the team, riding in the bus with coaches and front office staff. It was a quiet bus ride to Dulles International Airport, as most everyone was checking blackberries before the nearly-two hour charter flight to Atlanta. The players travel on their own bus, but with surprisingly little traffic, everyone arrived at the airport within about 30 minutes of departing Nationals Park.