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Rizzo gets pied

The highlight of last night–technically early morning–definitely was General Manager Mike Rizzo being pied with whipped cream by President Stan Kasten. Rizzo then donned the Elvis wig which has become the staple of the Nationals post-game celebration for the player of the game–Rizzo was the negotiator of the night.


You can watch it here on CSN or you can just follow the storyboard.

Rizzo pied 0 c.JPG
Rizzo pied 1c.JPG

“There is one more thing I have to do,” Kasten said, “when we celebrate victories here.” BAM.


Rizzo pied 2 c.JPG

Rizzo pied 3 c.JPG
Rizzo pied 4 c.JPG
Rizzo pied 6 c.JPG