Expert Advice: How to care for your Bryce Harper Chia Pet

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After 20,000 lucky fans received Bryce Harper Chia Pets at last night’s game, we thought a few “best Bryce Harper Chia Pet practices” would be useful for everyone to have.

So, we turned to our in-house grounds crew expert, John Turnour. John is the director of field operations for the Nationals, and is responsible for maintaining the pristine field at Nationals Park. Since John has been in the business for years, we knew he could provide us with some valuable advice to help our Bryce Harper Chia Pets flourish.

Here are John’s tips for growing your Bryce Harper Chia Pet:

  • Be sure to evenly distribute the chia seeds in the desired areas. Upon distributing them, immediately spray or mist the Bryce Harper Chia Pet with water for best results.
  • Allow for maximum sunlight whenever possible. If possible, place the Bryce Harper Chia Pet near a window or outside on a patio or table during daylight hours.
  • Keep the chia seeds moist throughout the day. Once your Bryce Harper Chia Pet starts to fill in with grass, you can cut back on the watering needs. A simple water bottle that sprays out a mist is ideal for keeping the seeds moist.
  • When you feel it’s time to trim your Bryce Harper Chia Pet, a pair of small scissors is the best tool to use.

Happy growing!

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