$1 Hot Dogs on Wednesday at Nationals Park

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“A hot dog at the ballpark is better than a steak at The Ritz” -Humphrey Bogart

In honor of tomorrow’s $1 Hot Dog special presented by Hatfield, we’re putting together an extensive list of the places where fans can find hot dogs at Nationals Park.

Let’s start with the basics: Nats Dogs stands can be found in Sections 109, 116, 129, 136 and 141. At all Nats Dogs stands, fans can find the traditional Nats Dog by Hatfield, as well as the Hebrew National all-beef Dog. This concession stand is also home to the Value Pack, which includes a hot dog, chips and a drink, all for just $8.

Haute Dogs and Fries is one of the newest vendors at Nationals Park after winning the Pitch Your Product competition, designed to offer entrepreneurs from the DMV the opportunity to grow their business by selling their creations at a Major League Ballpark. As a local restaurant based in Alexandria, Va., Haute Dogs and Fries are gourmet franks made with local products and served on a New England-style bun. Favorites include the Banh Mi Dog, which is topped with diced jalapeno, pickled carrots, pickled cucumber slaw, cilantro and sriracha mayo, and the traditional House Dog, which is topped with mustard, onion relish, mayonnaise and celery salt. Find these dogs and get some tater tots on the side in Section 106.


Shake Shack may be a fan-favorite for its famous burgers, but did you know they have awesome hot dogs as well? Be sure to grab a hot dog, fries and a shake in Section 240.

For the younger generation of Nationals fans, Jr. Nats Dogs are available, along with other kids meals, at Rookie’s in Section 142.

And last, but certainly not least, is the beloved Ben’s Chili Bowl. As a D.C. institution, Ben’s Chili Bowl has been a part of the Nationals Park food offerings since the park opened in 2008. Fans can enjoy the Ben’s Original Half Smoke “All the Way,” Ben’s Chili Dog or a Chili Cheese Dog in Sections 110, 141 or 317.

Next time you’re at Nationals Park, make sure to grab a hot dog from one of these locations!

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