Nationals players visit Diabetes Care Complex

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On Wednesday, Washington Nationals players Sammy Solis and Blake Treinen visited with pediatric patients at the Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Complex at Children’s National Medical Center.

The visit started with a Q&A session in the Seacrest Studios, the hospital’s multimedia broadcast studio, which allowed patients who were unable to leave their hospital rooms the opportunity to virtually interact with the players. Afterwards in the teaching kitchen, Solis and the children prepared diabetic-friendly snacks while talking about the importance of healthy eating. Next door, Treinen participated in an exercise circuit designed to keep kids fit and active while still monitoring their blood sugar levels.

Using these state-of-the-art teaching kitchen and exercise facilities, the players related to patients by comparing the healthy lifestyle that they lead as professional athletes to the proper nutrition and physical exercise that is necessary for diabetes management.

In addition, the Topps Company attended the event, and created custom baseball cards of each patient. The children then exchanged their cards with the players, and received their autographs.

For more information on the Nationals Diabetes Care Complex and the Dream Foundation or to make a donation, visit

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