Fruits of their Labor: Nationals Youth Baseball Academy Hosts Fall Harvest at ‘Field of Greens’ Urban Garden

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Nationals Youth Baseball Academy scholar-athletes and community members got to truly experience farm-to-table eating on Wednesday when they conducted a fall harvest to celebrate the Academy’s urban farm, known as the ‘Field of Greens’.

Scholar-athletes, Academy staff and DC Greens staff harvested and taste-tested fall vegetables grown at the Academy.

Scholar-athletes took home their harvest and a deeper understanding of how food impacts personal and community health.

“Wednesday’s harvest event marked the Academy’s introduction to being a true ‘food production site,’” said Tal Alter, executive director of the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. “The scholar-athletes that took part in harvesting, taste-testing and pumpkin painting will grow up with this resource at their disposal, which will be complemented by holistic food education programs. This is an exciting accomplishment for us and consistent with our three core pillars – character development, academic enrichment and improved health.”

In September, the Academy expanded the ‘Field of Greens’, a 1,000-square-foot urban farm, in an effort to improve food access and food education for Academy scholar-athletes, their families and residents of Ward 7.

The expanded ‘Field of Greens’ became a reality with support from Walmart and DC Greens – a local organization striving to connect communities to healthy food through education, access and policy.

“We are teaching students that nutrition is key to being both a scholar and an athlete,” said Lauren Shweder Biel, co-founder and executive director of DC Greens. “It is especially important in a community where there are so many struggles surrounding food access. This is an ideal location to expose kids to food and planting, and we are excited to be here making fresh food fun!”

Additional harvests will take place throughout the autumn.

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