An Introduction

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by Amanda Comak

Welcome to the “new” Curly W Live Blog, which is a lot like the old one, except for one twist:  I am pleased to announce that the Washington Nationals have asked me to come aboard and steward the keyboard in this space.

Going forward, this is the main spot where you can find my writing, along with plenty of other Nationals-related content.

Loyal Curly W Live blog readers may notice some changes over the next few months, and certainly when things get underway in the 2014 season.

We’re going to have more contributors, including myself, and the hope is that we will be able to provide a comprehensive inside look at the team by bringing all kinds of interesting stories to the forefront. That goes for all of our publications, too, including Inside Pitch, which is available in-season at the ballpark, and Nationals Magazine, where my writing will be featured as well.

When I left The Washington Times after three seasons on the Nationals beat, I mentioned that part of why I was doing so was because it was time for a change. While my role is different, and multi-faceted here, I will still be writing. I will still be a vocal part of the coverage of this team going forward. But this is also a new challenge for me, and a new opportunity. I couldn’t be more excited about the potential that lies ahead in bringing some of the best stories about this team to you, the fans.

From a technical standpoint, I have joined the Nationals as Director of Baseball Media Relations and New Media. So, in addition to working with the media, some of my responsibilities include overseeing our various social media channels. With that in mind — and to be sure that you don’t miss a thing — please follow the Nationals accounts on Twitter (@nationals), Facebook ( and Instagram (@nationals), if you are not already.

I will remain active on my @acomak account on Twitter as well, but the best place to go will be @Nationals for all of your updates.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read about what’s been going on here. This offseason should be an exciting one for the Nationals, and I’m looking forward to getting started.


Congrats! Made me nervous that we were losing you for NATS coverage!!! This is great!!!

So now you’ll actually be our go to for rain-delay updates???

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Best news ever!!!!!

Welcome (back), Amanda!

So glad to hear this! Love your work and look forward to following you in your new role.

Awesome! Thanks Amanda… looking forward to it!

Please find a way to make the magazine available through subscription!!

Welcome! Looking forward to following your posts.

Yay Amanda!! I might actually read this blog now that you are here. And thanks to NL for clueing Nats Insider commenters in on where you landed. This is great news!

P.S. This blog and Nats Insider both use WordPress as the comment platform. But Can you tell Mark Zuckerman how to get commenters’ avatars to show up? 🙂

Very cool. Welcome back. Now what’s the inside scoop on the manager hiring???

It’s great to see that you stayed with the Nationals family! No doubt that the Nats will continue having one of the classiest media relations department in all of MLB. Looking forward to keep reading the articles and tweets!

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Wonderful news!

Looking forward to continuing to read you.

Looking forward to continuing to follow your work!

Um, oops.🙂

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