Jersey Auction Raises Over $60,000

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When a senseless tragedy strikes, a stunned and saddened community is often left contemplating what they can do to help.  After the Navy Yard shooting on September 16, our thoughts quickly turned to the victims and their families.

We responded by offering one of the ballpark’s garages as a meeting place where employees at the Navy Yard reunited with loved ones. In addition, we made efforts to honor our neighbors and to provide a reprieve from the horrific event throughout the final homestand of the season.

The Nationals family includes our fans who, like us, were wondering how best to help. That’s when we decided that together we could make a difference by raising money for the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and their Navy Yard Tragedy Family Support Fund.

TAPS is the 24/7 tragedy assistance resource for ANYONE who has suffered the loss of a military loved one. The organization provides comfort and care through comprehensive services and programs including peer-based emotional support, case work assistance, connections to community-based care, and grief and trauma resources. As they did for the contract workers at the Pentagon who were affected by 9-11, TAPS has committed to doing the same for the families affected by the shooting at the Navy Yard.

In order to help us help our neighbors, the Nationals set up a weeklong online auction for the patriotic jerseys worn by the team during the first game of the September 17 doubleheader.

We knew our fans would step up to the plate, and step up you did. When the auction closed at 8:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, more than $60,000 in bids had been placed for the autographed, game-worn patriotic jerseys. These funds will assist those who lost a loved one at the Navy Yard through support programs and casework assistance.

Thank you for your overwhelming response and show of support. We are so proud to have such wonderful fans as part of our Nationals family and we can’t thank you enough!


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