Highlights: 8.7.13

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8.7.13 – Braves 6, Nationals 3

Stat of the Game: Jayson Werth broke up Kris Medlen’s early no-hit bid with a two-run shot in the fourth, collecting Washington’s lone multi-hit performance.

Under-the-Radar Performance: Tanner Roark tossed a pair of scoreless frames in his Major League debut.

It Was Over When: Washington loaded the bases in the bottom of the ninth, but Wilson Ramos‘ liner found the mitt of Jason Heyward in right field for the final out.

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One of the benefits of being in your sixties like I am is that you have the benefit of hindsite. I think that there is a lot of frustration and resignation with the way the Nationals have looked this year and for most fans I would imagine the enjoyment is gone. However, it does not have to be that way. If you are as old as me and have lived most of your life in the D.C. area you probably remember how it was with the bye gone Washington Senators. With them it was never a question of whether they would win or lose. That was a foregone conclusion. They were going to lose alright. But it was a question of the way they would lose. The diversity and multiplicity of the different way they could lose was only limited by the number of games played in the regular season (or as close to the number 162 as they could get). It was that source of almost perverse fascination with the way they would lose that kept things interesting for the true Washington baseball fan. Thank you Davey Johnson for bringing back a blast from the past!!

Harold G. Pavel

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