Anthony Rendon: Smile Like You Mean It

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The video below is supplemental bonus footage of Anthony Rendon‘s first Major League at-bat, featured in the Smile Like You Mean It cover article in Issue 10 of Inside Pitch. For the full story, be sure to pick up a copy this homestand at the the ballpark.


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I would not think that there is much reason to smile with Davey Johnson blowing the last Milwaukee game. Taylor Jordan is closing in on his innings limit and as I understand it with pitchers undergoing that kind of recovery you specificly look for the kinds of fatigue Jordan displayed in the 6th inning of that ball game. His inability to hit the strike zone in the 6th was kind of hard to miss which was later blamed on fatigue. This Johnson knew or should have known at the time and he should have pulled him before he loaded the bases and the lead was blown. Johnson also overworked Ohlendorf leaving the Nationals hoping that Ohlendorf will come off the DL in good shape when then finally have to pull the plug on Taylor at the end of his innings limit which it looks like is coming sooner than later. What little success the offensive weak Nationals can attain is by having shut down pitching to make 3 or 4 run leads stand up. Johnson is not doing it.

Harold G. Pavel

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