Capture the Caption: Magazine 2

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With Bryce Harper taking part in tonight’s Home Run Derby, come up with a caption for the photos below from Nationals Magazine, Issue 2 featuring Harper, Ryan Zimmerman and Jayson Werth. Leave your response in the comments and we’ll feature our favorites in print in Issue 3, available at Nationals Park beginning in August!



JW: Zim, remember when this kid used to wear massive amounts of eye black for day games?
RZ: Remember when he wasn’t trying to grow a beard like yours?
BH: Come on guys, leave me alone!

(On another topic, what quotes did you feature for this caption game in the last issue? I never got to pick up a magazine and find out.)

It is so exciting to see a kid with this kind of talent participating in the home run derby with many good years to come.

Zim: “What’s that in the sky?”
Werth: “it’s a bird? It’s a plane?”
Harper: “Nope, that’s my home run ball.”

JW: Look at the doofus with the haircut and no shades.
JZ: Ha.
BH: Right here guys.

JW: this guy been using my hair gel . Last time I room with him

BH: get over it bro . I look way better grizzly Adams

RZ: weirdos

Zimmerman: werth look at this
Harper: what?
Werth: that’s a clown beard bro

“Hey Zimmer you see this guy, he’s either a celebrity or one heck of a ball player!”…. or both??

“Hey Zimm, where’s your beard?”

Can one of you two get this booger off my finger?

Werth: Hey Harp, your hair looks great. Zim: Yea, what shampoo do you use it looks even better than Mauer’s and Polamalu’s. Harper: Head and Shoulders for men, you should try it, watch me in the next commercial.

Jayson: “Look at this guy.”
Bryce: “Seriously. Showing up without a beard. Weak.”
Ryan: “C’mon, guys. I’d just end up looking like Desi.”

Guys, we’re about to go off!

JW: ryan, ryan which one of us looks better? Me right

BH: dude no you look like a ewok from starwars. At least i look tough like wolverine

RZ: god do you guys even lift? How am i on the same team with you two.

BH – Mr. Werth, how many times does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
JW – One…
RZ – False..

Oops.. meant to say

BH – Mr. Werth, how many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?
JW – One…
RZ – False…

This picture is stunning! More stunning then the Zimmerman signed jersey I got! Thanx guys

RZ: Who’s turn is it to sing the “National Anthem”?
JW: Make Bryce do it! He’s the star. He does everything!

JW: Zim, do you believe this kid? He wears his shades on his hat.

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