A Look Inside The Booth

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So, if you love baseball as much as we do, this is pretty awesome.

We often hear Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler’s radio highlights dubbed over our highlight clips, and are used to their familiar calls and catch phrases. But here’s a unique shot into the booth from Thursday night’s game, as Slowes calls Ian Desmond’s second-inning home run. We get to see the broadcaster in action, the visual documentation of the play on the monitor behind him as he watches it unfold on the field.

Our personal favorite part comes after the ball leaves Desmond’s bat. As soon as he realizes it’s gone, fellow radio man Dave Jageler points a jubilant finger to the sky in celebration (0:07). Also, in case you missed it, check out Jageler’s special yearbook video bonus feature, where he discusses “summoning” and much more.


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