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Are you an avid Nationals fan? Do you follow the team day-to-day, so much so that it’s prompted you to start a blog about our boys in red, white and blue? Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of year again. We’ll be hosting Blogger Day at the ballpark on June 22, as the Nationals take on the Rockies.

Want to come cover the game, sit in on Davey’s daily press conference, interview a player, try out some of our new food at the ballpark, and sit in the press box during the game? Well, here are the requirements for applying to be a part of Blogger Day. You must:

–       Have an active blog where you write about the Nationals or local sports/events on a consistent basis

–       Have been actively writing for at least six months

–       Be available the morning and afternoon of June 22

We will accept applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Space is limited, so we can only accommodate a max of two writers per blog. To apply, send an email to curlyw@nationals.com with the following information:

Blog name

Name of applicant(s)

Link to homepage and to 2-3 samples of your work

Short paragraph on why you’d like to cover the Nationals for Blogger Day

We’re excited to have you at the ballpark, and we’ll have a special social media announcement exclusively for those in attendance, so don’t miss out!

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