Highlights: 6.5.13

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6.5.13 – Mets 10, Nationals 1

Stat of the Game: The Nationals racked up 10 hits, including two apiece by Denard Span and Kurt Suzuki, but scored just once.

Under-the-Radar Performance: Ian Krol impressed in his Major League debut, striking out the side in a scoreless inning of relief.

It Was Over When: Marlon Byrd hit his second home run of the night to cap a three-run third inning.


Krol needs to be used more…he’s a breath of fresh air!

Again I think we all should take a clear eyed look at the obvious problem. The Nats team batting average is again deplorable. Their run production is again near the bottom of the league. As a matter of fact the team batting average, over the last few years, except for a few streaks has basically been sub par. The hitting coach during the last few years has been Rick Ekstein. He is the teflon coach hiding behind the shield of protection that Mike Rizzo inexplicably provides to him. I do not know whether Mike owes this gentleman a prodigious amount of cash or that Ekstein is Meyer Lansky’s kin. But whatever the reason Rizzo seems incapable of making the hard business decision that he makes with other non-performing coaches and players. Until he does the Nats offensive production will continue to lag as it has.

Harold Pavel

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