Capture the Caption: Magazine 1

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Flex your creative muscles and come up with a caption for the series of photos below from Nationals Magazine, Issue 1 featuring Tyler Moore and Jordan Zimmermann. Leave your response in the comments and we’ll feature our favorites in print in Issue 2, available at Nationals Park beginning in June!

Capture the Caption 1 (1)


not gonna say it. not gonna say it. ok…..waaaasssssssuuuuuuuuppppppp!

Two of the league’s rising stars share a laugh while waiting for the rain to end

Stras and Det bet me I couldn’t make you smile. Go ahead, prove them right. Do it!

Jordan: “Hey T-Mo, wanna come over for dinner tonight?

Tyler: “Hmm watcha having?”

Jordan: “We’re bringing in barbecue.”

Tyler: “Bringing in? Ha! You don’t kill your own animals? Hahaha.”

Remember when the Pirates walked LaRoche….
……And you hit a 3-run homer?
Yeaaaaa I did!

Zimm: I’ve had this song stuck in my head all day.
Tyler: Dont do it, man.

Zimm: ‘who can turn the world on with her smile’

Zimm & Tyler: ‘you’re gonna make it after all!’

Still 1: TM- “Do you have a nickname?”
Still 2: TM- “You know, like Work Horse, or Bulldog …or something?”
Still 2: JZ- “No.”
Still 3: TM- [In his best David Wooderson voice] “Well it’d be a lot cooler if you did!”

1. TM: That cute girl in the front row asked for my phone number. JZ: Yeah?
2. TM: But it turns out she’s a Braves fan. JZ: So, what’d you do?
3. TM: I gave her Bryce’s number instead!

Pic 1 “Bro!!!”
Pic 2 “I’ll stop doing it when you stop laughing”

– Wouldn’t it be funny if your name was Tyler Zimmermannn?
– Yeah mannn!

JZ: Staring contest bro
TM: I’m in
JZ: Ha! I won

Jordan Zimmermann just told Tyler Moore that he likes the wave. #3StagesOfGrief

Tyler: Do you want to see my best impression of you?
Jordan: Sure.

(Tyler makes his best frownie face)

Jordan: (smiles for the first time in recorded history) NOW THAT IS FUNNY!

Zimm: Hey Tyler, what’s the difference between the Braves and the Redskins?
Tyler: What?
Zimm: The Redskins can hit me more than twice.

Hey, is LaRoche using your bat. What! Nahhh, that’s Harpers bat.

TMO: You can’t make me laugh.
TMO: It’s not gonna happen.
JZIM: Got him.

jz: bet u cant describe my season so far TMyler
TM: i sure can… its Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!
JZ & TM: (lol together) Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot!

Wait for it…..

Zimmermann: Check out the buns on that…
T.Mo: Yeah…he must work out…
Both: hahahaha

Did u here the one about….
That made me laugh my ass off
& every time I think about it

Tyler and Jordan discussing the impending return of the 17-year cicadas. It turned funny when they realized Bryce was probably still in diapers the last time the cicadas were here.

JZ: Is he still looking?
TM: Yup.
JZ: Now?
TM: Uh-huh.
JZ: Yo, Bryce, give the man back his camera!

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