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Following up on the success of last year’s popular NatsLive FREE Postgame Concert Series, the Nationals are rolling out four more postgame shows in 2013. We will be announcing the four over the course of the day, giving fans a chance to win VIP Packs – including an in-game Meet & Greet and postgame field passes – to each show.

Just make sure you’re following us on Twitter, where we’ll be giving out clues as to who each of the four artists are. Guess the artist correctly using #NatsLive for your chance to win (full rules). We’ll pull one lucky random correct answer for each artist to win 4 VIP Packs to that game/show.

Good luck, and stay tuned all day as we announce all four!

UPDATE: Our first NatsLive artist is Blues Traveler on June 8! Congrats to @reginaah for guessing correctly and winning 4 VIP Packs!


UPDATE: Our second NatsLive artist is Thompson Square on July 6! Congrats to @jakesauser for guessing correctly and winning 4 VIP Packs!


UPDATE: Our third NatsLive artist is Gavin DeGraw on August 31! Congrats to @CarolineV34 for guessing correctly and winning 4 VIP Packs!


UPDATE: Our fourth and final NatsLive artist is Montgomery Gentry on September 21! Congrats to @megcalnan for guessing correctly and winning 4 VIP Packs!



You need to see if you can get Hot Tuna to play sometime in your Postgame Concert Series. The main members of the band, Jorma Kaukonen Jack Casady (who were also in Jefferson Airplane) are both from the D.C. area.

I am pretty annoyed right now, on the day Single Game Tickets went on sale (and I bought a tickets to a LOT of Nats games), the Nats’ Promotions webpage listed two of the concert dates as 6/7 and 7/5 (concerts are off the Promo page now), so now I have tickets for games without the concert dates listed, and no tickets for the games (the following day) that do have concerts.

Hey Jess – where did you see those dates listed? We haven’t changed anything on our end from our originally announced dates, and want to make sure nobody is being misinformed.

As my original post said, the concerts WERE on the Nationals website PROMOTIONS & GIVEAWAYS page under the SCHEDULE menu option along with every $1 Hot Dog Night, $5 Beer & Peanuts, Bobbleheads, etc. prior to Single Game tickets going on sale. I used that listing and the regular schedule to pick my games. And they DID CHANGE, that page has changed because right now the Concerts aren’t even listed at all on the Promotions page when they were before. The Nats gave out incorrect infomation before, own up to it. You already have “Subject to Change” disclaimers on the page to cover yourselves, please do NOT add insult to injury by denying your mistake. I will stop at Ticket Services today before the game to see if they can do anything to trade my tickets for the NEW, “corrected” dates.

We’re sorry to hear about any confusion about the dates of our concerts, but we never published anything contrary to the schedule we have had ever since setting it. The only reason the info is not on there now is that we are currently updating the page with the artists, once they are all released this afternoon.

That being said, if you bought your tickets online, please call 1-888-632-6287 and you should be able to exchange your seats for the correct dates.

Sorry to hear that Jess. I would sell the tickets if I were you that way your not out $.

Really, you buy tickets for concerts without knowing who’s performing?

I buy tickets for baseball games, the concerts, bobbleheads, hot dog nights, etc. are just an incentive for me to pick certain games over others. is “investigating” and have already said “fees and additional charges” are likely. I am fairly disappointed the way MLB/the Nationals handles their tickets online (other than season tickets and partial season plans). But I will see what says once they have “escalated” my request for further investigation.

Both the Gavin DeGraw and Montgomery Gentry are listed above for August 31st? They aren’t both performing the same day are they?

Sorry – the Montgomery Gentry show is on Sept 21st. For all NatsLive concert info, this page is now updated with photos and bios:

Are the start times going to change due to the concerts? Ie Sept 21st will it start at 7:05pm as currently set, or will it become a an earlier start like 4:05pm?

Start times should be as scheduled. We’ll make announcements across all platforms if anything changes.

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