13 Things We’re Excited About for 2013: #8

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In the lead up to Opening Day at Nationals Park on April 1, we’re counting down 13 things we’re excited about on and off the field heading into the 2013 season. Be sure to check back each day as we add another item to the list and get one day closer to the return of baseball to Washington!

#8: Bobbleheads and Concerts and Tweet-ups (oh my!)

The guesses at this year’s bobblehead class ranged far and wide, including many of your favorites on the Nats roster. And while Gio Gonzalez and Bryce Harper were popular – and correct – guesses, few saw Davey Johnson on the list until the clues began being revealed in our Bobblehead Trivia Challenge.

We had guesses and questions flying in from all corners of the web, fans trying to ply us for information. Here was an excerpt of one of our favorites from last Wednesday, after three clues had been revealed, via email:

If only 5 digits are ultimately revealed representing the jersey numbers for 3 players, then 2 of the players must have 2-digit jersey numbers and the third player must have only 1 digit. There are only 3 players with 1 digit jersey numbers (http://nationals.mlb.com/team/roster_active.jsp?c_id=was): Steve
Lombardozzi (1), Denard Span (2) and Danny Espinosa (8). None of these numbers have been the solution to any of the first three clues, therefore one of them (1, 2, or 8) must be revealed by the final two clues.

As mentioned, two of the digits revealed are the number 4. There is no #44 on the active roster, therefore the number 4 must appear in both jersey numbers of the players with 2-digit jersey numbers. Because the answer to clue #2 is 5, and that isn’t the number for any of the single-digit players on the roster (http://nationals.mlb.com/team/roster_active.jsp?c_id=was), it must be paired with one of the 4s.

In short, based on the answers to the clues and the limited number of clues/digits remaining, one of the jersey numbers must be either 45 or 54. Currently there are no players with either number on the roster.

After some careful thought, our fan put two and two together and realized that, in spite of his correct math, there was one more possibility – Davey Johnson, our third and final bobblehead of 2012.

Congrats to our grand prize winner, Ellie Spitzer. And here’s your first look at our first bobblehead of the year, Gio Gonzalez, on Saturday, April 13.


We know you’re also eagerly awaiting the unveiling of our NatsLive FREE postgame concert series, which we will be announcing soon. Finally, we’ll also be expanding our in-park social media events this season, so make sure you’re following us on both Facebook and Twitter for those announcements and special offers as they are announced later this year. Click here for an updated list of promotions to date.


I love it, but why isn’t Gio laughing or smiling? Are we sure it’s Gio?

To be fair, about the only time Gio ISN’T smiling is while he’s delivering a pitch

Are they for sale or only given away? I want them but age etc keeps me from attending. Can’t wait for Monday. Go Nats.

They are not for sale, only available as a giveaway on the select dates

Wait. Was Davey a bobblehead last year, or he’s gonna be one this year, and the article has a typo?

He’s going to be one this year. The gentleman in question figured it out

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