Nats by the Numbers Bobblehead Trivia Challenge

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Many of you have asked since the release of the Nationals promotional schedule who our 2013 bobbleheads will be. Well, we have good news and we have better news. The good news is, you’ll find out by Monday. The better news? If you’re the first person to accurately guess the identities of all three 2013 bobbleheads after we reveal clues this week, you’ll win 4 lower level tickets to one of the 2013 bobblehead games (we’ll have four of those bobbleheads waiting for you, of course) plus the other two 2013 bobbleheads to complete this year’s set!

Here’s how the giveaway works. Each day this week, we’ll give you a clue, which will lead you to a single digit. On Monday, we’ll drop the final clue, giving you five digits which you’ll need to unscramble in the correct sequence to reveal the jersey numbers of the members of our 2013 bobblehead class. Once the final clue is released, the first correct guess of all three bobbleheads using the hashtag #NatsBobbles will win!

Even if you aren’t our Grand Prize winner, we still have great prizes for you. The next three (3) runners up will receive one complete set of all three 2013 bobbleheads. And three (3) more consolation winners will get their choice of one (1) of the three 2013 bobbleheads.

So let’s get started…here’s your first clue towards unveiling this year’s bobbleheads!

CLUE #1: In how many consecutive games did Adam LaRoche homer against the Cubs last September?

CLUE #2: On what pitch of the at-bat did Roger Bernadina save the day, flying into the wall at Minute Maid Park to catch Brett Wallace’s deep drive August 7 in Houston?

CLUE #3: The number of pitches in Jayson Werth’s game-winning at-bat in Game 4 of the NLDS MINUS the inning in which he hit his home run.

CLUE #4: How many fewer home runs did Gio Gonzalez give up in the 2012 regular season than fellow Cy Young finalist Clayton Kershaw?

CLUE #5: How many All-Star selections do the Nationals players mentioned in the clues above have combined?

Your five clues correspond to the five digits that comprise the jersey numbers of our 2013 bobbleheads! REMEMBER: You MUST TWEET the correct responses using #NatsBobbles in order to qualify for the giveaway (complete rules here).

UPDATE: First of all, thank you all for your participation – based on reaction, it seems that even the most hardcore fans were pleasantly surprised by the level of involvement in this promotion. As a point of explanation, we pull all winners using a program designed specifically to track hashtags. That said, we pulled the first seven responses we saw after the final clue was announced. We appreciate your feedback, as it helps us make future promotions more fan friendly and accessible for all of you. If you won, congratulations. If not, don’t worry – we’ll have plenty more coming once the season starts, which – we don’t have to remind you – is only one week away!


Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez and Denard Span… do i win?

We’re taking guesses on Twitter, but only after all the clues are released on Monday!

Why Twitter only? Facebook users should be able to have a crack at it as well.

Talk to Facebook about allowing contests/giveaways on their site…

Harper, Werth, Desi

I’d rather just guess them! I think it will be Adam LaRoche, Bryce Harper and Gio Gonzalez.

I think Bryce Harper, Steven Strasburg, and Ryan Zimmerman.

Gio, bryce, and denard!!!

Harper, Gomez, Zimmerman

I’m with you on Harper……… I think they should have done that in 2012 though.

Gio Gonzalez, Ian Desmond, Adam LaRoche! Chuck Hopkins 301-633-2888.

Gio gonzalez, bryce harper, and Kurt Suzuki

Straussburg, Harper, Gonzales

Harper, Zimmerman, Laroche

Strasburg, gio and Desmond

Laroche hit 7 home runs against the cubs in 2012

That is true… but it wasn’t the question.

Harper, LaRoache, and Zimmerman…my guess for the bobble heads!!!!

Gio, Werth, Harper

Harper, Desmond, and LaRoche

Harper, Davey, Gio

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Harper, Gio and Billy Taft!

Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez & Adam LaRoche, that’s my final answer.

Why are there only three? Why not one per month? And I know he’s not one of them, but I’d love a Tyler Clippard bobblehead–complete with glasses!

Strasburg, Harper and LaRoche #natsbobbles

I’m going to guess 4 games?

Good guess…

Well duh…………… he hit four home runs. The season started with a 3-game series then a four game series in September. He hit one home run against Jeff Smardazia? How do you spell his name? Anyway, he hit 2 more home runs the next day in a 9-1 win, a home run the next day in a 11-5 win, and finally 2 home runs in a 9-2 win four a 4-game sweep of the Chicago Cubs.

It was really 6 home runs in 4 games

It was actually five total, but four games

LaRoche, Werth and Harper

Strasburg, Harper and LaRoche…

Ryan Zimmerman, Bryce Harper, Adam LaRoche

Harper, d Johnson, desmond

Gio, LaRoche and Clip

I’m not coming to the park until there’s a Detwiler bobblehead!

Quick question, The 5 digits will break into the jersey number of 3 Nats, will any digits be used more than once? Example: 123; 13 & 12.

Yes, the 5 digits will yield 3 jerseys. You will not need to use any of the numbers given more than once.

Thank you very much for specifying that for me.

Keith Hoffman? The Keith Hoffman? Man, I am a big fan of you. I’ve heard of you and though I’ve probably heard you talk, I still can’t put my finger on it…….. HMMMMMMMMM

Werth, Harper, Gonzalez

Based on the three clues provided so far (2 actual clues and one other piece of information), it’s pretty easy to tell who the bobbleheads will be. I could be completely wrong (not likely), but it looks like Harper, LaRoche and Span. I like the idea of a LaRoche bobblehead, not surprised about Harper (he did win ROY after all), and “eh” on Span. I’d love it if I was wrong about Span and they made a Lombardozzi bobblehead. Even better? Davey!! We already have the “5” for that, and know that we need someone with a single digit uniform number (3 players, 5 numbers).

We like where your head’s at…

Only problem is they said they won’t use any numbers more than once. Span and Laroche both have 2’s therefore it can’t be both of them.

How do you have the “5”?

Bernadina made the catch to save the game on a ball hit on the 5th pitch (clue #2). BTW, now that we have a third number, I am tossing my guesses away. I now think I might get my wish and get the Davey bobblehead. Gio, Bryce, and Davey. Those would not be bad choices at all!

I’m hoping for LaRoche, Bernadina and Span

Roger is now 33.

LaRoche, Harper, Gio

I am assuming it is 10:00am EASTERN time?? Thanks!

It is indeed, thanks for checking!

Roger Bernadina saved the game on the 4th pitch to save the 3-2 win robbing Brett Wallace. I am a HUGE! Nats fan

Oh yeah adding to that Danny Espinosa drove in all 3 Nats runs. GO DANNY!!!

Do I get extra points?


Gio, Bryce and Lombo

So can we guess as many times as we want?

You can, but only on Twitter, using #NatsBobbles, after the final hint is revealed on Monday.

I know all three now, do I have to wait until Monday to win?

Yep, not until after we release the final clue!

The final hint will be at 10am exactly or do we have to wait for our twitter to show the teams tweet with the final hint first Around-ish 10am?

The answer is- 3

No offense to Span, but he’s a brand new National and does not yet merit a bobblehead. How about people who have been on the team a while? Jordan Zimmermann, perhaps. Tyler Clippard is in his 4th year and has been an All-Star. Definitely Bryce Harper. Not this year for Drew Storen–maybe next. Wilson Ramos?

You sure about that? Thirteen pitches in the ninth inning?

Gio, Harper, Span

Gotta be Harper and Gio. Third one, I am thinkng Desmond. They did Stras last and Zimm last year, werth the year before. Espy has not earned. But it could be Laroche or Suzuki instead of desmond

They did Espy in 2011. I have him. He has his glove on and a ball in his hands

Gonzalez gave up 7 home runs fewer than Kershaw. Giology had 9 and kershaw had 16

Harper,Zimmerman and Strasburg

So I can’t participate because I live in Los Angeles? This makes me sad, I miss my Nationals.

You can still participate. NATITUDE knows no time zone restrictions.

The rules say: If you live more than 100 miles from the ballpark where a game for which tickets are being given away will be played, you are not eligible for that ticket giveaway. Unless I’m eligible for when the Nationals are in town to play the Dodgers or Padres.

I will still send in my answer and hope that I am selected. This will be the second year that I miss opening day but I try to go to at least a couple games when they come out west.

Go Nationals!!

What time on Monday are you announcing the final clue?

After 10 a.m. ET

Do you have to wait for the final clue or can you submit at 10am Monday?

We won’t take winners until the final clue is announced.

Announced on this blog, or on twitter? This will make a difference on which website to camp monday morning lol

The final clue will go live here first, then will be promoted via Twitter.

Bryce, LaRoche, Gio

After the final clue is released, do we tweet the answer to the @Nationals or to the #NatsBobbles or do we just tweet to @Nationals and include #NatsBobbles in the response? Thanks!

Tweet at us with the answers using #NatsBobbles. We’ll reiterate that again on the post tomorrow.

As soon as you update the post on here, it’s free game to post our answer on twitter right?

I don’t understand twitter, I submitted my tweet but when I click on the Natsbobble hashtag thing I don’t show up in the results.

Nevermind I figured it out, I don;t think I won damn.

Please make sure the winners actually posted AFTER clue #5 was posted. A lot tweeted before hand but show up like they were first…thanks!

We did not take winners until after our tweet, as per our rules.

Actually, you said “after the final clue is released,” and it was released here and not on Twitter first, so hopefully, you’re sticking to that!

Bull crap, you replied the other day on my comment that it was after you post on here first!

I cant find my tweet after searching the hastag either, I should have been one of the first 3

At the top their are filters, just click “All” and scroll down forever, I underestimated how many nats fans payed attention to this contest.

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When will you announec what speciifc players are released on eadch bobblehead date?

Gio – April 13
Bryce – June 23
Davey – July 20

Complete list of promos here:

Wow, I’d hate to point this out, but EllieSpitzer didn’t win, you guys said on her that it was first responses after the clue goes live on the Blog, she was only the first response on twitter! You Lied or got it messed up! Come on Nats!

Yeah, my guess was before Ellie and after it went on the blog. I call BS

I don’t think I won anyway, but I’m mad that I got told the wrong information on this blog! If I knew I had to wait for the clue on twitter I might have had a better shot to win!

Please ban Keith D. Hoffman from this site and future contests – thanks!
Sincerely, All Curly W Readers

Because I’m a paying costumer of the Nats? Or because I asked a question the other day and was told the opposite of what was happening?

Per the replies on this site I responded when the fifth clue was given not after the Tweet. I won.

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Harper, Gonzoles, and Sazuki

4 All-Star selections

So when do we find out the Concerts?

Announcement coming very soon!

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