Help D-Span Upgrade His Profile

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Denard Span has officially been a member of the Nationals family for nearly four months now. And though he has yet to play his first regular season game with the team, he took no time at all in updating his Twitter profile upon his arrival in D.C. Now, he is due for an overhaul, and is looking for your help.

Denard has been generous enough to leave it up to you, the fans, to choose between the options below for both his new avatar and background on his account. Be sure to vote in both polls for your favorite photos, and the winners will be uploaded to his account later this week.

Profile Avatar – Option 1


Profile Avatar – Option 2


Profile Avatar – Option 3


Profile Background – Option 1


Profile Background – Option 2



Bright lights and Danards back ? Why? He looks good with a bat in his hand, ready to go, as all the team players are.

Why? Because he looks like a total badass, that’s why.

Because we already see his face in his profile pic, that’s why.

Thank you Denard – you are the only one who took the time in Viera to give me an autograph. We are lucky to have you! Have a great year!

If I had my way I’d put you back in a Twins uni, but… Good luck to you this year.

Why ? Because we love you…M O U S E !

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