Nats vs. Mets Spring Training Live Chat

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The Nationals take on the Mets at 6:05 p.m. Thursday night at Space Coast Stadium in Viera. It is the first Spring Training game televised on MASN this year, and will also be carried live on WJFK radio (the game is also available outside the Nationals market on MLB Network and So whether you’re watching Bob and F.P. or listening to Charlie and Dave, leave your questions below and we’ll do our best to answer them as the game goes along. Here’s tonight’s Nats lineup:

1. Span CF

2. Suzuki C

3. Werth RF

4. LaRoche 1B

5. Desmond SS

6. Espinosa 2B

7. Moore LF

8. Rendon 3B

9. Tracy DH

P. Strasburg


We’ll field as many questions as we’re able to all game long. Great night for baseball in Florida!

Who do you think will be the starting 5 pitchers this year?

The five lead starters in camp so far have been Strasburg, Gio, Zimmermann, Detwiler and Haren. The Nats also just signed Chris Young, who Davey Johnson says will fill in during Detwiler’s trip to the World Baseball Classic.

How are we going to rotate the catcher between Ramos and Suzuki?

That’s up to Davey. He said yesterday that Ramos is still about a week away from DH’ing in his first Spring Training game.

whats our predicted opening day lineup look like

Still a long ways off from knowing for sure. But outside of the addition of Span, should look pretty similar to last year’s postseason lineup.

Is the live chat being done through comments tonight?

Seems like Strasburg looked a little tired towards the end of last year. With him having no innings limit this year how concerned are the Nats that he will be able to handle the extra innings this year? GO Nats GO

Davey has said in spring that he will be brought along slowly. 60-pitch limit scheduled for tonight.

Who do you think will have a better year compared to last year. Desmond or Harper.
I look for both to have a good year but I think Harper is going to hit 30 hr’s, 30 sb’s and drive in 100. I see Desmond hitting 25 hr’s stealing 30 and driving in around 70. What do you think.

Hard to say at this point. A lot will depend on where they hit in the lineup and them each staying healthy the whole year.

Do you agree with Soriano not wanting to face teams in our division during spring training?

Only thing we’ve heard is that he’s looking to get 8 appearances in, including 1 back-to-back

Day off for Bryce. He’ll play tomorrow night vs. Atlanta

Do you think Werth’s wrist will be okay this year?

Strasburg done after 3 innings. Final line: 3.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 2 BB, 6 K. 52 pitches, 30 strikes. 2-2 game in the 4th.

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