The Hunt For NatsFest

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Last Friday, we surprised our fans as part of our 13 Days of NatsFest countdown, by launching a live, in-person scavenger hunt around Washington D.C. While the vast majority of our other contests leading up to our prime offseason event this Saturday have taken place in cyberspace, the scavenger hunt provided our local fans a unique opportunity to win a pair of VIP tickets to NatsFest, as well as prizes all along the way. At 11:30 a.m., the first hint dropped on Twitter and the chase was on.

Participants arrived one-by-one at the Washington monument to find a NATITUDE window sticker and their next clue awaiting them.

“Across the pool your next hint awaits. Be careful, he looks like Daniel Day-Lewis.”

That’s right, we made a Lincoln joke. And our educated fan base needed no further explanation, as they trekked westward across the National Mall. At the feet of Honest Abe, they collected a rally towel and their third hint.

Our scavenger hunt winner took home 2 VIP tickets to NatsFest.

Our scavenger hunt winner took home 2 VIP tickets to NatsFest.

“Now onward, and find The Sage of Monticello. You don’t need a Tom Tom – just head down Ohio.”

At this point, you’ve probably noticed the trend. As our contestants raced to their third Presidential memorial, the race tightened. And for the third straight time, we had a different leader emerge from the pack, with a 2012 Postseason issue of Nationals Magazine and the final, very straightforward clue.

“Teddy awaits! But not at a memorial, live, in person at the Nationals Park Team Store. Hurry!”

And just one hour and four minutes after the first hint hit the Twitterverse, our winner came flying through the Center Field Team Store doors at Nationals Park. As impressive as his time was, not two minutes later our second-place competitor raced in behind him…what a finish!

Thanks again to all who participated, and for everyone else, keep your eyes on the Nationals official Twitter account, where we’ll post the first clue for Saturday’s scavenger hunt, taking place at NatsFest!

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