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We don’t want to spend a lot of time on this, but suffice it say that we were proud to find out on Monday that Curly W Live finished 2012 as one of the Top 10 MLB Pro Blogs. Our readership increased more than nine-fold last year, catapulting us all the way up to number nine. Thanks for being a part of the growing NATITUDE in D.C. and beyond as we continue to bring you the inside scoop on the youngest, most exciting team in the game. We look forward to expanding our coverage for 2013, and will be rolling out our improvements in the coming weeks heading into Spring Training.

In appreciation of your readership, here are nine of our favorite stories from the past year in case you missed them or just want to read them again. Did your favorite make the list? If not, post away in the comments.

Our Time, Our Town, Our Park (2/3)

Our Time Begins On Opening Day (4/5)

Already All-Stars (6/28)

12 Reasons To Vote #BryceIn12 (7/2)

Boys Of Summer, Reading (7/26)

The Case For Catch Of The Year (8/8)

The Fan In The Arena (10/13)

Gratitude For Your NATITUDE (10/18)

Top 12 Of ’12: #1 – Werth Walks Off


Have thoroughly enjoyed your posts, and the Nats!! How exciting to have watched the team grow. I didn’t make the first game back at JFK stadium, but caught the 2nd and all I could from there on. Keep sending us the insights from the inside!

I believe you meant RFK Stadium.

I always call it by it’ original name DC Stadium, as I watched it be built and knew enough of it’s secrets to be able to attend every game for the first two years, until they plugged the hole…

Oops! yes… that was RFK. No stadium for JFK!😉

Kudos to Mike Rizzo for finally doing the decent thing in compromising by giving Adam LaRoche a mutual option 3rd year consideration. It makes sense on so many levels but primarily because LaRoche is a proven Major League performer while those who might replace him in the third year would only be rookies with Minor League records on their resume. In addition not even “Merlin” Mike can predict the injury or trade scenarios 3 years into the future. It is quite possible that a dedicated and thorough going professional like LaRoche could pull a “Derek Jeter” like performance well into a third year. He is that kind of a ball player. Way to go Mr. Rizzo, another triumph.

Harold G. Pavel

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