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The accolades began to roll in Tuesday night for the Nationals tremendous 2012 season. Rawlings announced that Adam LaRoche has been awarded the 2012 National League Gold Glove at first base. It is the first such award for the nine-year Major League veteran, who logged a .995 fielding percentage as the anchor of the Washington infield, committing just seven errors in over 1,320 innings played.

Perhaps LaRoche’s greatest defensive value lies in his ability to help his fellow infielders out by being a great defensive receiver on throws across the infield. Whether picking balls off the short-hop or crossing the bag into foul ground – as he does masterfully in the clip below – few are as solid and as smooth as LaRoche at helping their teammates.

However, LaRoche can also flash the leather on his own, as he showed on the play below in extra innings against the Braves back in August.

Congrats to Adam LaRoche for a well-deserved award, hopefully the first of many for Nationals players, coaches and executives following this historic season.


An award well deserved. Congratulations to Adam and best of luck in the coming season with the Nats.

I do hope Adam and the Nats are able to reach a multi-year agreement. He belongs in DC!!

Conrats to Roach, even though just like everything else he does, he probably showed no emotion when he was told he won it, LoL

Adam LaRoach deserves the Golden Glove Award. We really want to have him on the team next year for his great abilities on the field and in the clubhouse. Let’s get it done Mr.Rizzo.

Love watching Adam play. Smooth operator with a “Gold Glove.” Find a way to stay with the Nats…. please!

Best play at 1st I have ever seen. Congratulations, and see you next year.

So well deserved. Good job Adam! You are a joy to watch, at the plate and at 1st base.. so, so hope you’re back with the Nats in years to come!!

He should thank Zimmerman for the game in game out bad throws he had to handle because he sure did not get it for handling bunts

I hope the Nats ownership and management are willing to pay LaRoche what it is going to take to get him for a long-term contract. There are going to be a lot of other teams who want him.

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