From the Desk of Mark Lerner: An Unforgettable Journey

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My intent was to post my own blog on the eve of hosting Game One of the NLCS. But the offseason came rather quickly, and in an especially cruel fashion.

I want to sincerely thank Nationals fans near and wide for their support during what was in so many ways a DREAM season. Your words and notes of support meant so much, not only to me, but my family.

Jayson Werth’s Game Four walk-off punctuated a thrilling season.

The roars heard in conjunction with Jayson Werth’s Game Four homer and the record crowd (45,966) for Game Five will long be remembered in these parts, but the 2012 season was so much more.

We, of course, began our journey together in the Grapefruit League. We survived an opener at Wrigley Field that appropriate for the Windy City. We Took Back The Park from the Phillies. We swept a series at venerable Fenway Park. We won The Pine Tar series from Joe Maddon’s Rays. We witnessed The Shark defy gravity in Houston.

We watched D.C.’s favorite teenager come of age right before our eyes. We watched our primary off-season acquisition exceed every expectation by winning 21 games and do it all with a smile. We watched our Opening Day starter win 15 games and provide us with the cushion needed to hold off Chipper’s 94-win Braves. And yes, in early September, we shut him down for all what we firmly believe to be the right reasons.

We won the NL East, arguably the toughest division in baseball.

We ended D.C.’s 79-year postseason drought.

Davey Johnson and Mike Rizzo guided the Nationals to the NL East title.

We posted MLB’s best record.

We won 100 games.

We made a ton of history.

And, just as importantly, made a fleet of memories to keep us warm this offseason.

I want to acknowledge the efforts of Mike Rizzo, Davey Johnson, our coaching staff and especially the players themselves. What a fantastic season from top to bottom!

Setting aside the outcome of the World Series for a moment, I can honestly say that there is not one franchise in our game that I would swap futures with.

The 2013 season will not be without its own unique challenges. We are quite aware that there are no guarantees in this game. But I like where we are standing as a ballclub.

Let’s talk again soon, perhaps during MLB Winter Meetings in Nashville in early December.

Thanks again for an unforgettable journey…



2013: No Limits

Thanks for being such a classy group of owners. We fans couldn’t be happier. Just a few months to Pitchers and Catchers report!

2013 All or Nothing Lets Go Nats!!!!

The greatest baseball season of my 60 year old lifetime. What joy..thank you..thank you…thank you. Keep them together Mark, this is going to be special.

Reading this blog entry sent a tinge of Nats320 nostalgia running down my leg.

Thanks to the nationals for bringing me back to baseball. I have not watched a sport with such enthusiasm since my daughters played sports in’school. Such excitement and awesome team spirit amongst the team. It was infectious! Looking forward to spring training 2013!

I too have come back to baseball because of the Nats. What a great team, fantastic well-run stadium — a class act all around. I can’t wait for spring 2013!!

mark thanks to you and the other owners we would not trade you guys for any other owners either.thanks also to the coaches and players for an incredibly fun summer and fall i was at game five and had my heart ripped out like everyone else but i would do it all again if i had the chance…..

Just. love. this. team. Living on Capitol Hill, we feel so fortunate that the Nats are in our backyard. Natitude 2013. Bring it on!

Thanks for caring so much about the fans!

Hey! Nicely put! So much better than that corporatespeak, cheesy “GRATITUDE” ad droning on and on about what MLB, etc. “envisioned” etc. There’s so much to like about this ballclub and you found the right words for it. Thanks for helping put it all together. As 2012 gets smaller in the rear view mirror, 2013 is coming into view and it looks real good…

I join the chorus of praise and thanks. I also want to recognize the great game coverage on tv and radio. When I wasn’t at the ballpark, I was listening or watching from afar. Oh and thanks for bringing Frank Robinson back for the first NLDS home game. That was very classy.

It’s not broken…don’t fix it.

Thanks to all who created this team
We are thrilled as Nats fans to be able to attend games at such a beautiful ball park and to have such great players on an up and rising team. 2013 will bring even greater success and we will be there to wave our red towels with Curly W’s. Cannot wait!

Mr. Lerner:

Bill Veeck once said. “I have discovered, in twenty years of moving around a ball park that the knowledge of the game is usually in inverse proportion to the price of the seats.” You can rectify this. Make those seats close to the players available to the knowledgeable and true Nats fan instead of the socialites and guests of the privileged.

Well said!

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