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The 2012 season has been a truly special one for Nationals players on the field and for those of us in the front office. But it would have meant nothing without the overwhelming show of NATITUDE from you, the fans. That’s why, this morning, the Lerner family has extended its gratitude to our fans in the Washington Post. Read their message below, and make sure to pick up a copy of the Post for yourself.

The 2012 Washington Nationals season will be one we will never forget! Thank you Nationals fans for your unparalleled support of the team. You dressed in red and Curly W’s, shouted your hearts out, came in the rain and in the blazing heat and, by your actions, let America know that D.C. is a baseball town!

The electric atmosphere at Nationals Park during the last month of the regular season and into the playoffs is precisely what Major League Baseball and D.C. leaders envisioned when they brought baseball back to Washington. The crowds and the excitement along the Anacostia River brought new life to the Capitol Riverfront neighborhood and ignited a new spirit across the Washington community that became known as “Natitude.”

Mike Rizzo, Davey Johnson, the players, coaches and front office staff made this a season that we will recall with great pride and joy. As thrilled as we all are with being the Nationals League East Division Champions and having the most wins in Major League Baseball during the regular season, we are now more determined than ever to see a World Series trophy return to Washington, D.C.

We look forward to seeing you on Opening Day in 2013. Your enthusiasm was the most memorable part of our great season. The team may have brought the performance, but you brought the passion.

Thank You.

Only 165 Days until Opening Day, 2013. See you there.


Counting the days until April 1st! It will be a great season in 2013 with all kinds of Natitude. We love this team! Thanks to everyone involved in making it happen.

Love my Nats! Can’t wait for next season!!

I want to thank the Lerners for bringing winning baseball to W.ashington. I had been without a home team since 1971. I continued to be a baseball fan but without a home team. I was thrilled when they moved the Expos to Washington, but had few hopes of a winning team anytime soon. The Lerners and Mike Rizzo have built this team the right way. They did not go out and load up on over the hill free agents in an attempt to win immediately. They have built this team from the bottom, having created the best minor league system in baseball. They have put together, in my opinion, the best pitching staff in the majors. i cannot think who had a better staff totp to bottom this year. The young team they have built will continue to win for many years. I hope that the Lerners and Mike Rizzo and Davey Johnson stay with us for many years to come.

We love the Nats. Hope everyone on staff, team can have a nice break, it is well deserved. Most anxious for 2013 season.

See you in the spring baby!

Thank you Lerner Family, Mike Rizzo, Davey Johnson and the entire Nationals team and organization for making Washington, D.C. a baseball city. Growing up in Washington D.C. I watched both Washington teams leave for other cities. It takes someone with a great vision to make Washington D.C. a true baseball town and the Lerner Family has done this. I will attend my first ever Spring Training event in 2013. I hope to meet the Lerner family and Mike Rizzo. LETS GO NATS IN 2013.

To the Lerner Family, thanks goes to you for bringing baseball back to our area. Your commitment to building a strong team from the ground up is a vision that not many would have believed in. You did, and I thank you.

Thank you Lerner Family, Riz, DJ, and the guys. I cried when the Nats lost, but then I said to myself, be thankful for what you have. As a Senators fan who went to Griffith Stadium and was at the last game in ’71, this season was a dream come true. I get the feeling that there are nice guys on this team and Leo was wrong. Nice guys don’t come in last. This year they came in first. The Big Train, Povich, and the angels in the outfield are proud. Gary Dreibelbis

Miss my Nats, but what a great season. Can’t wait the 2013 season!! As Davey said, we have some unfinished business!

Thank you to entire Nationals organization for both an exciting year and the promise of a bright exciting future! I cried as well- but they weren’t tears of disappointment- they were tears for the players who fought so hard through injury and played with such HEART. See you in 164 days!

When do pitchers and catchers report? I cant wait for 2013!

Thanks to the Lerner family for bringing baseball to our area and supporting the management group; thanks to Mike Rizzo for the job he did putting together this team and thanks to the players for putting on a great show this past season. Can’t wait until 2013.

I truly enjoyed this season. Watching the guys play as a team, work hard and just represent everything that is fun about baseball was great as a fan. I am still going through Nats withdrawal and am counting down to next season. Onward and upward.

We go back to the old Senators. We’ve suffered some “bad” owners (Bob Short, Calvin Griffith). We love you, you’re a godsend for baseball fans in the Metropolitan area. Thanks for everything–we’ll see you in the World Series next year!

So proud of “my” team.. what a great year!!

We all have been given more than we could have asked for…1413 !

What great owners our Nat’s team has. Not being from the Washington D.C. area I followed the Nats from Montreal, (I live in Los Angeles) I could not be prouder of a team and ownership when I was with the Nats this year. I hope one day to have the the honor of attending a game in Washington. I hope the Nats realize that are many people who are Nats fans that don’t live in the DC area. When the Nats come to LA next summer, I will be there to cheer on their every move. Thanks again to the Lerner family for such an outstanding team.

What a fantastic year – Lerners Rock!!! Can’t wait for spring training!!!!

I told my son at the start of the 2012 season that I had a “feeling” about this team, and boy was I right. Thank you to everyone involved in such a successful season. Baseball IS BACK IN DC. Looking forward to 2013.

Thanks for the wonderful 2012 season. It was a GREAT experience beginning with my days as a substitute usher in Viera and ending with the last out in game 5. Being a season ticket holder since day one has made Nats baseball and the Nats family an integral part of my life. Go Nats…go 2013…and thanks to all the Nats owners, management and players for their selfless contributions. Wow!!!!!!

Thanks to all for such a great season; the Nationals are such an awesome mix of players….not a diva in the bunch. This year was so much fun; I cannot wait til spring training! Special props to Davey Johnson who should certainly be Manager of the Year and to Mike Rizzo for making the right decisions…even when they’re tought to make

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