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The calendar has flipped to August, and that means a few things for baseball fans. For starters, it means the season has hit the dog days, as we’ve passed the 100 game mark and are about to enter the stretch drive of the final third of the season. It also means that 2012 Nationals Yearbooks are now available at Nationals Park! With a feature on the skipper, Davey Johnson, photo spreads of all your favorite Nationals players, a team record book and more, it is the official publication of the most exciting season of Nats baseball yet. Pick yours up at the Team Store or at kiosks around the ballpark for $10. Here’s the cover, followed by a short excerpt from the feature, to give you a taste of what to expect:

Johnson understands the grueling grind of the six-month, 162-game season. The 69 year-old endured 13 seasons in the Major Leagues, but was limited under 130 games in five of those years due to injury. Now in his 16th year as a big league skipper, Johnson has easily surpassed his total number of games played with his number of games managed. He will pass the 2,200 mark in his first full season at the helm of the Nationals this year, one he hopes will yield the first winning season in club history. 

While much of that will hinge on the young, up-and-coming talent in the starting rotation and everyday lineup, Johnson knows how important his bench – and how he uses it – will be to the Nationals success.

 “Everybody in the world basically knows who the five starters are going to be and everyone in the world knows who the eight position players are going to be,” he states, matter-of-factly. “But how you can mesh them, to where 25 guys can fit as a cohesive unit, is really critical if you want to win a pennant.” 

To win a pennant. That’s a goal for every team, so Johnson doesn’t bother qualifying his hopes for this team, still looking for its first winning season, much less playoff appearance, by lowering his expectations. He has needed each of those 25 guys – and really, with the injuries the Nationals have suffered, a good number more – to accomplish a turnaround like the one Washington is hoping for in the District this year.

For the full article, pick up your 2012 Nationals Yearbook at the ballpark. Also, today is the last day to get Issue 2 of Nationals Magazine, featuring Bryce Harper on the cover, as well as features on Gio Gonzalez and Edwin Jackson. Issue 3 will debut for Friday’s doubleheader. Take a special sneak peek at the cover below…

So, to recap:

2012 Nationals Yearbook: Available now, in-park only. Cost: $10

Nationals Magazine, Issue 2 (Harper Cover): Last day available, in-park only. Cost: $5

Nationals Magazine, Issue 3 (Desmond Cover): Available beginning tomorrow, in-park only. Cost: $5

See you at the park!

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