Walk Off, Walk On

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Some of the best baseball games are defined by their final moment. That being said, not all final moments are exciting, and not all games created equal. Not much in baseball tops the walk-off win, when the home team ends the game and gets to celebrate on the field as the opposition heads for the clubhouse.

The Nationals collected seven walk-off wins in the season’s first half (including five in extra innings), the highest total in the National League. Which one was your favorite? Relive each moment below, then be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom of the page.

1. April 12: Ryan Zimmerman scores on a wild pitch in the 10th inning of the home opener.

2. April 13: Jayson Werth singles with the bases loaded to beat the Reds in 13 innings.

3. April 21: Ian Desmond’s sacrifice fly scores Wilson Ramos to beat the Marlins in the 10th inning.

4. May 2: Down one run with two outs in the ninth, Desmond hits a two-run shot off D-backs closer J.J. Putz.

5. May 4: With the bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th, Ramos singles up the middle to beat the Phillies in the series opener of NATITUDE Weekend.

6. June 5: Bryce Harper collects the first walk-off by a Major League teenager since 1988, beating the Mets in 12 innings.

7. July 5: The Giants can’t complete the back end of a double play, allowing Harper to score on a fielder’s choice off the bat of Adam LaRoche.


Way to go team! Such a an outstanding year. I look for Morse to blow our minds the second half, as well. What a nice bunch of young men!

This team is such a blast!

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