Mike Rizzo Answers Your Questions

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Earlier during the day for #IYNT, we gave you the chance to ask Nationals GM Mike Rizzo questions about the team via Twitter. Here were his responses to some of your best queries.

From @EdZakreski:

What’s the long term plan for 1B and CF?

We have a lot of in-house possibilities at both positions. At first base, Adam LaRoche, Michael Morse, Tyler Moore and Chris Marrero. In center field, Bryce Harper, Eury Perez, Brian Goodwin and Michael Taylor.

From @MekaKimmerstein:

Which player the team could NOT make it w/o this yr! Thanks!! GO NATS!!

Besides front of the rotation starters, Ian Desmond is possibly the most indispensable starter on the field.

From: @JP00LE

Is he surprised to have his team leading the National League on July 3, 2012?

I wouldn’t use the word surprised. Pleased, especially with all the injuries that we’ve had.

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Congrats on a good season thus far. With all the debate about Steve S., innings limit and shut down options, had ou considered putting him on the dl for 6 weeks from July 15- Labor day for fatigue, or tight hammy, or whatever to save the innings and have him available for post season? Not taking that for granted as a lock, but if I’m you guys I’m plahying for the title this year and not focused on the rebuild. Getting healthier, bats getting hot…, take a shot and have your ace! Good luck-Mike

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