Bryce Harper Answers Your Questions

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With Bryce Harper in the thick of the Final Vote race to represent the National League in the 2012 All-Star Game, famous athletes and celebrities from around the District have been chiming in with their support. From John Wall to Luke Russert, from Braden Hotlby to James Brown, the show of solidarity around D.C. has been terrific. But Bryce still needs each and every one of you to vote, as many times as you can, if he’s going to make it. As a reward, he reached out to answer some of your questions on Twitter today.

From @Gmoney119:

Is he aware that all of the biggest athletes in town (Wizards, Caps, Redskins) have been lobbying 4 him to be an All-Star?

Bryce: Yeah I think it’s great how they decided to team up on that and express how they wanted people to vote for me for the All-Star Game. I really appreciate all the local players that have done it, and anytime they need anything from me, I’m here with open arms.

From @YoungAcks:

Bryce what’s your favorite OF position LF C or RF???

Bryce: I’d have to go with center field. Playing center field, you’re in charge, you’re running the outfield. It also really helps to have guys around me that have played that position. Any time I’m in the lineup, I think that’s the best spot.

From @jayraynet:

If you weren’t playing ball, what would you be doing?

Bryce: I’d probably be a firefighter. Ever since I was growing up, I wanted to be a firefighter or a baseball player. Going into the offseason, I’m going to get my EMT and do the firefighting thing so I have something to fall back on.



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Washington Nationals outfield phenom Bryce Harper, who made his major league debut at Dodger Stadium on Apr. 28, was voted by SB Nation baseball writers as the top rookie in the National League. Welcome to awards week in MLB, when the BBWAA will declare their four main annual honors over the following four times.

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