Desi Encourages You To Show Your Patriotism

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There are plenty of National Anthem traditions around sports, including a few attached to local sports teams in the DMV. Orioles and Capitals fans chant “O” (for the O’s and Alexander Ovechkin, respectively) at the beginning of the song. The Caps add in “Red” when the lyrics reach “and the rockets red glare” as well. Some see these chants as unifiers in their fandom, but others think they are disrespectful.

Ian Desmond has proposed a solution for Nationals fans: sing the entire anthem together, as one, loud and proud.

“It’s a great way to show support for all the servicemen and women in our Nation’s Capital,” explained Desmond on Friday before the Nationals opened their three-game set against the New York Yankees, expecting capacity crowds throughout the weekend. “40,000 people all singing together? I can’t think of anything more patriotic.”

When Desmond first proposed the idea on Twitter, fans asked if he would join in. He has pledged to sing as well, beginning with Friday night’s game in D.C. as he hopes to start a new tradition in our Nation’s Capital.

So, Nats fans, what do you say? Is Desi onto something, and will you join the rest of your fellow Nats fans in singing the anthem together tonight, and beyond?


They do this before Chicago Blackhawks games and it is AWESOME

I’ve become a huge Nat’s fan this year – absolutely love and applaud the suggestion… SING ON!

I’m in!

I always sing the national anthem and people look at ME weird for doing so! Right on Desi! I’ll be in 310 SINGING!

For this to work well:
1) Put the words on the big screen. People forget where the broad stripes and bright stars go.
2) Let the soloists know that folks are going to sing along, and could they please sing the song as written, without extra notes and fermatas and the like?
3) Each game, give a Natitude T-shirt to a kid who is singing with gusto, as a good example to the timid adults around him/her.

I really love Ian’s idea — my Dad taught me that it’s ALWAYS appropriate to sing when the National Anthem is played, and I’m frankly tired of singing solo!

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