Ryan Mattheus: All About the Fans

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Two more Nationals took the plunge this week, joining the growing ranks of players on Twitter: Ian Desmond and Ryan Mattheus. While Desmond is all set up with his profile, Mattheus hasn’t touched his yet. Why not? Because he’s letting you – the fan – construct his page for him!

Below are three photos of Ryan for you to choose from to use for his profile. Vote in the poll below for your favorite, and that’s the one we’ll use to help him create his page! Feel free to leave other suggestions in the comments, and let us know how else you’d like to see our players participate through Twitter.

Photo Number One

Photo Number Two

Photo Number Three


I’d love to see the stars on twitter (Ryan Zimmerman, Adam LaRoche, Jayson Werth, Byrce Harper, Micheal Morse)

Tyler Clippard is on Twitter, but he doesn’t tweet much. BTW I think it’s interesting that the team has three Ryans (Zimmerman, Mattheus, & Perry) and two Tylers (Clippard & Moore)!

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