A Minor Thread

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With the team traveling down the east coast of Florida to Melbourne for a 7:05pm start against the Miami Marlins, here at Curly W Live we thought it would be a good time to check in on the Nationals Minor League camp, to which all players reported this week.

When we showcased our first prospect of the year, Tyler Moore, a few weeks ago, we asked you who you would like to see us feature next. The voting was very close, with Destin Hood, Alex Meyer and Michael Taylor all receiving a near equal amount of votes. Since the interest is obviously there, we decided we might as well go ahead and talk to all three of them, as well as a couple other prospects you may not know about just yet. We’ll bring them all to you in our Down on the Farm series as we progress through Spring Training.

For now, though, let’s hold a quick tie-breaker poll to see who you would like us to feature today:


Everyone wants to know more about RICK HAGUE. Feature him

Great player. Good hitter

Micheal Taylor and Rick Hague- both really good players. Top 2 prospects for 2012 in my opinion. Let’s see them both featured.

OF-Hood is a good player, very fast runner-he should be featured, as well as SS-Hague. He missed out on last years season due to shoulder injury, he was the best hitter in ST last year.

Michael Taylor is a good feature

All three of these players are on our 2012 Watchlist (http://nationalsprospects.com/watch-list-and-player-reports/), which breaks down the best players by position and/or role.

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