Presidents (Race) Day Weekend

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Saturday officially kicked off Presidents Day Weekend, which made it as good a time as ever to bring the Racing Presidents out for their first workout of the New Year. After all, with pitchers and catchers reporting to Spring Training on Sunday, it was about time to start whipping the mascots into shape for the 2012 season as well.

With a host of media on hand, each Commander in Chief was tested in the 40-yard dash, as well as the traditional race from center field to the home dugout along the warning track. There was some dust to be shaken off early, but George, Tom and Abe appeared to be in mid-season form by day’s end. Notably missing in action was Teddy, who arguably could have used the tune-up the most.

We’ve posted a couple photos of the events below, as well as a poll. We’ll be in Viera all of next week following the holiday, but stay tuned for a full video recap of Saturday’s events, featuring some of the best races and worst spills of the day coming up in the next couple weeks.

The Racing Presidents pose for the press.

Abe at the turn.

The Presidents model their victory dances.



A vote for Teddy is a wasted vote. #letTEDDYwin

Can Teddy at least win a practice race?

lets go teddy need the big one this year go nats

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