Welcome To District 9

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Alright, to be fair, the title of this post should probably read “Welcome to THE District 9”. That’s what we’re calling this year’s informal question and answer sessions here on Curly W Live, which we will run all year with current players, front office members, coaches, prospects and other interesting folks from around the game of baseball.

The name is obviously a play on the Academy Award nominated film from a few years back, but is also a nickname for Washington’s home club, the nine men who take the field at Nationals Park to represent the District each night. The feature itself is our spin on the traditional 10 questions that many organizations will ask in a Q&A format. Instead, we ask nine questions we think you’d like to know the answer to, and reach out to you to provide the 10th.

We will be asking for your submissions via our Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the year prior to these sessions, with the first of such coming up later this week. So if you don’t already like/follow us on those social media platforms, go check us out and keep your eyes open for your opportunity to ask your favorite baseball folks questions you’ve been dying to know the answer to.

Just so you know we’re serious, we’ll be starting off the year strong with… Gio Gonzalez! Get to know your new ace before Spring Training, as we’ll post Gio’s District 9 right here on Curly W Live later this week. So get creative and give it your best shot, then be sure to check back on Thursday to see if you’ve won!

Gio Gonzalez will answer one lucky fan's question. Could it be yours?

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Welcome to Washington, Gio. What are your thoughts on the transition to the National League and the East Coast?

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