Winter Meetings Q&A with Mike Rizzo: Teaser!

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You asked, and Nationals EVP of Baseball Operations and GM Mike Rizzo is ready to answer. We gathered questions from Nationals fans far and wide, and the first two answers are below. Check back Tuesday, Dec. 13 for the rest of this exclusive fan Q&A with the man tasked with shaping your Washington Nationals.

To kick it off, Vincent M. asked on Facebook: Brad Peacock is very good and many people don’t notice how good. Is he in the starting rotation plans?

Mike Rizzo: Brad Peacock, as he showed last year, was our Minor League Pitcher of the Year, came up to the Major Leagues and excelled. We think he’s a power pitcher with terrific stuff. He’s the type of guy that could be our next Jordan Zimmermann-type performer. We have big plans for him. What we have in this organization is we have great depth at the starting pitching position from big leagues through our system, which is really unheard of in the Major Leagues. We’re looking forward to seeing him compete in Spring Training and we’re going to leave camp with our best five starting pitchers.

Next, @fopack asked on Twitter: When will @BHarper3407 [Bryce Harper] be called to #bigs???

MR: Bryce is a unique talent. He’s got outstanding abilities and a great skill set. He’s going to be an impactful player when he gets to the Big Leagues. His development and his performance is going to dictate when he actually gets to the Big Leagues. There are no restraints on him, we’re not going to hold him back. If he’s legitimately ready and prepared for the Major Leagues, we won’t feel bad about bringing him to the Major Leagues. We’re going to bring the best 25 players north [when Spring Training in Viera, FL breaks] and try to win as many games as we can, and we need the best players we have to do so. If he’s one of the best 25 and he fits, and his development curve is right where we want it to be, then he’ll be in the Big Leagues.

For more of this exclusive Q&A, check back on Tuesday to see if your question is answered.

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