Curly W Live – Greetings from 2011 Winter Meetings

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An update from the 2011 Winter Meetings in Dallas, from the desk of Mark D. Lerner, Nationals Principal Owner:

Hello Nationals fans!

It’s that time again … the Winter Meetings have begun. This blog comes to you from the Hilton Anatole Hotel, located in the shadows of downtown Dallas. Well, if there were shadows, that is. Most of the Nationals contingent arrived in the Big D on Sunday afternoon. However, the bulk of the activity did not begin until Monday (well, except for the Marlins… our 18 matchups with Miami in 2012 sure will have a different feel, won’t they?).

Speaking of teams with new, state-of-the-art facilities, I headed over to Dallas Cowboys Stadium early this morning for a behind-the-scenes tour. I think “wow” is a good word to describe the experience, but since they do everything big in Texas, I’ll go with “WOW and WOW!” It really is quite a facility and the scoreboard is just awe-inspiring. Now I know why all the sideline shots during Cowboys games always feature players looking straight up.

In case you haven’t heard, we’re holding a Q&A with the Nationals Executive Contingent here in Dallas with questions from you, our loyal fans. We’ll get answers from a couple different corners of the organization, so if you haven’t already, ask your questions in the comments below, or by email, Twitter or Facebook. Check back Wednesday to see if your question was answered.

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When I returned to the meetings, we found out that Mike Rizzo is ranked 19th on the general manager’s seniority list. Yep, hard to believe, isn’t it? Note that the rankings include time spent with a GM’s current club. So, for instance, Mike is higher on the list than Kevin Towers of the D-Backs, even though Towers has been a GM for more than 15 years. It almost seems like Mike took over just yesterday, but then you look at our roster and our Minor League rosters and it is clear that he’s been in charge of our baseball operation for three full seasons. And he’s been quite busy. This just goes to show the commitment that Nationals ownership has to Mike’s vision and his plan to achieve it. That level of trust and stability shouldn’t be underestimated.

Which brings me to my final point for the day. Mike’s scouting and player development staff have done a great job of building an impressive stable of talent within out Minor League system. Some of that talent has already percolated to D.C. (Stephen Strasburg, Tommy Milone, Danny Espinosa, Drew Storen … you know all the names). We are thrilled with the initial returns on our 2011 draft class and look forward to watching that next wave of Nationals as they rise through the ranks on their way to D.C.

While free agents and trade rumors will be floating all over the internet for the next few months as we approach Spring Training, just remember that we have already achieved our primary objective from when we gained control of the club in 2006; we wanted to have a steady pipeline of impactful talent spread throughout our Minor League system because we felt strongly about the fact that this is the best method to sustain success. Here’s looking forward to continued excitement throughout the busy offseason, leading into what we all expect will be an exhilarating 2012 campaign.

Until next time…

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