2012 Winter Meetings Q&A

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Welcome to Hot Stove season, Nationals fans!

With Winter Meetings taking place next week, baseball is back in the headlines as fans eagerly await news of who will be the latest players to don the Curly W. Here’s your chance to join in on the action and get some inside information straight from the Nationals Executive contingent in Dallas! You can submit your questions in the comments below, by email at CurlyW@nationals.com, or via Facebook and Twitter (include #NatsQnA with your question). Check back here on Wednesday, December 7 to see what the execs have to say!

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What is the value of your first round pick that you would have to give up in order to get a Prince Fielder or a CJ Wilson (a type A FA), opposed to a Mark Buerhle (type B FA)?

From Billy

Will the Nat’s go after Buehrle and Oswalt? Also will they look into trading for B.J Upton?

Congrats on a positive 2011!
A stable, productive CF and effective leadoff batter are well known objectives for the Nationals. Is there or will there be opportunity to fill this position from within the organization or are we focusing outside via free agency or trade?
I’m asking with players like Roger Bernadina in mind. Or possibly Werth in CF with the eventual progression of Bryce Harper.
Also, with the wealth of pitching in the organization. If the price proves to be too high for those free agents, is there a possibility that our rotation is already part of the organization? I’m thinking Zimmerman, Strasburg, Lannan, Wang, and a Detwiler, or Peacock could make a formidable rotation at a reasonable price!

Thanks again for giving us fans something to look forward to in 2012!

What’s the word on Cespedes

Don’t trade anyone!!! I love this team. It was a really great year. I do not think anybody expected such an exciting year. You know, we become attached to our players. And whatever you do, don’t bring on board an attitude case.

I think the Nats will be a contender within a couple of years. check out betweenthelineshockeyandbaseball.wordpress.com for more talk on hockey and bseball.

I am a nationals fan!
I just wanted to know about nationals approach towards young pitches who are willing to succeed in the long run. Like the nationals have so many young men who just began there career last season such as Tom and Peacock. We have been talking a lot about a new veteran pitcher but some of the fans don’t get it that where will this young talent go.
Archit Manuja

I sort of agree with those who say keep the talent we have and let them develop.
More bench strength is a good idea, but I am willing to see if next year is a breakout year for some of the young guys. That end of season pitching was pretty impressive. If Wang has a great comeback year, how cool would that be? And it will save you guys lots of cash. Maybe then you can lower ticket prices? LOLOL

It looks like the NL East is going to be pretty competitive once again, with the Marlins now aggressively chasing the free agent market. With that being said, what do you see as the priorities of the Nationals in order to compete in the tough NL East? Also, as a fan of the Harrisburg Senators, who do you think are the most fascinating prospects coming thru the Nationals farm system?

Could Josh Willingham fill in as RH bat, 5th OF and FB? Great pop, good guy, fans like him…

Rick Ankiel was magnificent in center, making throws heretofore unseen by veteran fans going back to the days of Walter Johnson. Why won’t he do? He had a so-so year at the plate but was not in the lineup that regularly. Doesn’t his defense more than make up for his offense? Wouldn’t it be prudent to sign him for another year and wait until 2013 to sign a young center-fielder? Thanks!

ANy chance that we will hear of an extension for ZImmerman soon?

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