Nats, Coca-Cola “Get the Ball Rolling” Against Childhood Obesity

For the second consecutive year, the Washington Nationals have teamed up with Coca-Cola to promote “Live Positively: Get the Ball Rolling,” an initiative designed to educate local youth about the importance of living a healthy lifestyle through proper exercise and nutrition.

The initiative – which also features an alliance with the Washington Capitals, Mystics, Redskins and Wizards – kicked off on Monday when the Nationals hosted a youth baseball clinic at Nationals Park. Led by third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, the clinic offered local middle school students the opportunity to learn various baseball fundamentals like batting, fielding and pitching.

“Kids these days don’t get out enough and exercise,” Zimmerman said. “I think exercising and inactivity in America are two of the biggest problems that aren’t really talked about today. If these kids are not healthy at a young age, they don’t have a great chance to grow up and be healthy.”

Throughout the morning, Zimmerman spoke to the children about the importance of a balanced diet and making smart dietary choices while reinforcing the message with a fun day at the ballpark.

All of the children participating in the clinic were excited to play at Nationals Park and interact with the star slugger. Their charge is now to incorporate these invaluable lessons into their daily routines.

“If these kids can make the right choices now, I’m confident they’ll make the right choices later,” said Antoine Williams, President of DC Dynasty Baseball. “I think this clinic will do a lot for their self-esteem and it builds the excitement to continue doing the right things.”

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