Drew Storen Visits National Rehabilitation Hospital

Earlier today, Nationals closer Drew Storen spent the day visiting with patients at the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Northwest DC. The hospital is one of the nation’s premier institutions, being ranked among America’s top rehabilitation hospitals by U.S. News & World Report for 17 consecutive years, and specializes in treating patients with physical disabilities that are caused by spinal cord and brain injuries, as well as a variety of other neurological and orthopedic conditions.

During his visit, Storen got to interact with the hospital’s patients and participate alongside them in their physical therapy exercises. These activities are crucial for the patients’ recovery process, and Storen was able help them by participating and providing emotional support.

“I had a really good time sitting down and talking with them,” Storen said. “Just to see how strong they are makes it a pretty special experience.”

Storen also got to play with the patients, competing in Wii Bowling, and playing catch with some of the older patients. Storen signed autographs, posed for photographs and literally gave the jersey off his back to one young woman.

“Hearing her story about how she’s getting her (prosthetic) legs on Monday, I can’t imagine trying to go through that,” said Storen. “It was pretty special to talk to her, and her spirits were really high. It’s really special to see what some of these people are going through and how strong they are”.

For Storen, the visit marked his second trip to the hospital. This visit touched him because of the remarkable courage shown by the patients.

“My grandfather had a stroke last year, so to visit some stroke victims and see that they’re coming out to the ballpark on Sunday is special,” Storen remarked. “He’s still battling with Parkinson’s, so it’s something that hits close to home, and to come out and visit and talk with some of these people is special for me.

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