Teddy blogging from Anaheim, Day Two

The Racing Presidents were back at Angel Stadium on Tuesday for another memorable race. Teddy was also back behind the keyboard documenting the boys’ trip. Here’s more from the West Side…

“Abe went searching for a pregame burger—‘What do you mean I can’t have a Shack Burger? Well, this is California, can I at least get my burger double double animal-style?’”

“If I haven’t been able to beat George in a race, what’s this guy thinking? George 1, Angels Fan 0.”

“You can take the Nats fan out of DC, but you can’t take the Curly ‘W’ out of their heart. Feeling right at home with these two.”

“George and Guillermo shared a laugh while keeping Angel Stadium clean.”

“You know, you can’t race forever. George and I are preparing for our post-racing broadcast careers. If FP can do it, why can’t we?”

“Fox Sports West had me as a guest on their pregame show. Forget radio… this face was made for TV.”

“Just helping out the good people at MASN and rounding out my resume—President of the United States, racer, broadcaster and cameraman… the list goes on and on.”

“Gotta get loose before the race and pump up the crowd. Just nine outs ‘til race time.”

“Just took the lead. This is my chance!”

“So close to winning my first race. I thought Abe and I were cool—why he gotta taunt me like that? I don’t bust on his fugly beard.”

“George knows the importance of staying hydrated after a big race.”

Check back tomorrow for more from Teddy on the Presidents’ trip to Cali including a visit to the ocean and a little beach volleyball.

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