Teddy blogging from Anaheim, Day Three

Before heading to Angel Stadium for an afternoon game, the Racing Presidents went to Huntington Beach for some volleyball, surfing, sun and fun. Teddy documented the day’s events both at the beach and at the ballpark for Curly “W” Live. Here’s more from Teddy and the boys on their final day in Cali…

“I’m going to show these guys how to hang ten. Surf Stoke—we have it.”

“Yesterday we showed off our post-racing career media potential. Now we’re thinking about getting in the studio to produce a hit record. We’re in the right town to do it. What do you think of this as a potential album cover?”

“Getting our Baywatch Hasselhoff on!”

“When you’re a highly-skilled athlete like we are, switching from one sport to another is a piece of cake. Check out our crazy volleyball skills.”

“Back at the ballpark again. Can you believe they treat a VIP like this? Like Rodney said: ‘I get no respect!’”

“Nats fans represent!”

“Blindfolded relay race today.”

“A little confusion during the hand off. Whose idea was this anyway?”

“Abe wins again.”

The Nationals and the Racing Presidents would like to thank: Matt Artin, Heather Capizzi, Peter Bull, stage managers: Al, Jeff and Amy as well as Nicole and Eric for driving us all over Orange County.

A special shout out to the the whole Angels organization and all Angels fans.

We’ll see you back in DC!!!

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what a lovely moemnt well told… getting our children to understand themselves and accept who they are is so important. sounds like you are doing a good job there…

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