Teddy blogging from Anaheim, Day One

As the Nationals made their way to Anaheim Sunday night from Chicago, another group from DC was West Coast-bound as well. The Racing Presidents made their Cali debut yesterday as they raced the warning track at Angel Stadium. Everybody’s favorite lovable loser, Teddy, has signed on to be our guest blogger this week from the OC. Below are his musings and observations from the Pacific Coast…

“Great fans, great weather. We are all so excited to be here in Southern Cali.”

“George dropped off some tickets for his wife Martha at Will Call, because she’s a hip, hip, hip lady, man.”

“Scotty Lew says we are ineligible to win prizes at Nationals Park. Abe is determined to win something here… even if it’s not the race.”

“Guillermo warned us not to make a mess.”

“George does his best Daniel Son/Ralph Macchio impression. Watch out for Johnny Drama!”

“The Angels have all kinds of high-tech machinery. Now if I can only use this for the race.”

“Meeting new friends.”

“These are my new Strike Force friends—hope my Nat Pack ladies don’t get jealous.”

“What a beautiful day for baseball!”

“Even 3,000 miles away… fans still love me.”

“How come Angels Pitching Coach, Mike Butcher is getting more autograph requests than George? He was never Commander in Chief, was he?”

“I was getting a little homesick, so I stopped by to see some familiar faces and say ‘hello’ to Bob and FP.”

“Gotta show some love to the Angels TV broadcasters.”

“What’s bigger? His beard or my mustache? I think these guys might’ve been in the band Smashmouth.”

“Tom, George and Abe plotting against me before the race. Sweet bike though, right?”

“After a great start, this is where the race started to unravel for me.”

“George wins the first Presidents race on the West Coast!”

Check back tomorrow for more shenanigans from your Racing Presidents in California.

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