Nats-Mariners, Game 1

After having their winning streak snapped by Baltimore on Sunday, the Nationals plan on starting a new one behind Livan Hernandez.


Ichiro Suzuki – RF

Brendan Ryan – SS

Adam Kennedy – 3B

Justin Smoak – 1B

Dustin Ackley – 2B

Carlos Peguero – LF

Franklin Gutierrez – CF

Chris Gimenez – C

Doug Fister – P



Jayson Werth – RF

Roger Bernadina – CF

Ryan Zimmerman – 3B

Laynce Nix – LF

Michael Morse – 1B

Danny Espinosa – 2B

Wilson Ramos – C

Livan Hernandez – P

Ian Desmond – SS


*In 22.1 career innings against the Mariners, Hernandez has pitched to a 2.82 ERA with 10 strikeouts. He has only surrendered one home run to Seattle.


*Tonight will be the first time Michael Morse will be facing his former team since being traded from Seattle for Ryan Langerhans in 2009.


*Against the Mariners, Laynce Nix has batted .284 with eight home runs, six doubles and a triple in his career.

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Hate to see Cliff Lee go, but had to be done in order to improve the team long term. Would love to see the Mariners rseign him in the offseason, but the odds of that happening are about as likely as the Rangers rseigning him. Mariners made out like bandits in the trade though so I view it as a positive move.

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