Mark Lerner on the Enhanced Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk

As always, greetings Nats fans!  Last night’s VIP party for the grand opening of Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group (USHG) here at Nationals Park was a tremendous success. I must admit, I’m excited for all of you to experience the completely transformed space on the Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk and the four brand new eateries that highlight the area – Blue Smoke, Shake Shack, El Verano Taqueria and Box Frites. There were samples aplenty going around last night and the food is truly spectacular. You will be impressed.

As you know, one of the many topics my staff and I frequently revisit is the fan experience.  How do we enhance it? How do we offer fans something new and unique?  Well, after receiving so many positive responses last night, I think we’ve taken a huge step in the right direction. I was both touched and encouraged by the sheer number of those who came out and supported our efforts to create a greater experience for our fans. In addition to the new eateries, some of the new highlights in the renovated park-like space include:

     • 14 shade sails suspended by turnbuckles hanging overhead. These sails will help to greatly reduce temperatures and protect fans from UV rays.

     • A large green area featuring a variety of sustainable and indigenous plants and trees, which require less water and maintenance while also improving air quality.
     • And we’re not done yet…

After experiencing this refreshed area for myself, I am convinced even more that our enhanced Miller Lite Scoreboard Walk will be a complete success. As our COO Andrew Feffer said in his remarks last night, we’ve created “a park within the park,” and it is truly something unique across all of sports. But don’t take my word for it – starting tonight, you can come feel the energy that radiates from this new space. You won’t be disappointed.
I encourage fans to visit this summer and experience all of what Nationals Park has to offer.  From the spirited pregame parties to the new dining options fans are sure to have a good time.  I hope to see you tonight and throughout the summer months ahead. Go Nats!

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